The 9th fantastic cover art by Fartfist
Now we’re cooking with a Fist!

Even if you don’t know the year, or something dear; can’t shed a tear or have no fear. Find something for you, we will here…

Choose whimsically and always never remember to forget

Nice Rice

I love you. Yes, the combinations of minerals, my body needs; wants to feed. You are so kind. I love when you all come together to eat for a minute and then be freed of all capacity to be an entity; when it enters thee and becomes fine feces for the other classified species toContinue reading “Nice Rice”

Real Rice

You may have no idea. The people who harvested this rice you are eating; they don’t use or buy rice like this. It is possible you have never seen actual rice; or know what rice is or MEANS. I am the hands of many collective salaries that barely make what this rice costs to buyContinue reading “Real Rice”

Poor Man Stew

Names Po’ Man Stu… Whats it to you!? I’m just sitting here fixing my stew. Named after me, not you. Let tradition ensue. The cost is minute, a lot to a few. The potatoes must be big, the pot must be too. Don’t be a pig, I’ll give you a clue. Chop them up allContinue reading “Poor Man Stew”

Hamburgers And Gravy

Let me start out by telling you that I used to be a cow. I could have been anything; like a pig or turkey, maybe a chicken. They make food like this out of most anything! I will tell you the whole thing; how it happened, as a former cow anyway. This is how IContinue reading “Hamburgers And Gravy”

Unity For Free

The realization that freedom is the prize of unity is astoundingly ironic. What bad can come of two goods? What!? UNITY!? A concept so positive, yet there are those who would risk death to escape its oppression; they will claim another positive and productive state of being. Freedom. The chainless bond to one’s will andContinue reading “Unity For Free”

Another Other You

Have you met yourself yet? Now is a better time than tomorrow and is only bested by yesterday.  Such a paramount discovery, in the quest to become a “whole” one; an integral state of self unification. There are at the least, three of you of every one of you. UNITY! Un-ity! One-ity! Somewhere out there,Continue reading “Another Other You”

One River

Go where the water is. That is where you will find the humans. The fresh, brackish or salt will do, any place I can fish or wash a dish; so can you. In the Pacific or Atlantic, any way you want to pan it, humans occupy the planet near something specific. India and the Arctic,Continue reading “One River”

Chains Of Blame

Up until this point; the chain has only been as strong as it’s weakest link. That is the going philosophy, but words can be arranged so that any subject is gospel disputation. I do not intend to destroy the chain at it’s flaws or debunk a logical deduction of minor surface quality; no, I meanContinue reading “Chains Of Blame”

Fartfist’s “Ode To Ice Cream

Didn’t find anything good? Come back tomorrow, I might still be crazy….or you might

“It is amusing how people shun what is deemed inappropriate, then flee back to it for dear life, when they pry their heads from the jaws of judgement.”


*You may not want your child humans to read Unsanity. The ideas contained can be dangerous to feeble or growing human minds. It is possible Fartfist may tell stories for small human minds and imagination also, in the near distant future or in an alliterative dimension.*

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