Bonefist will mark the sixth by Fartfist

Even if you don’t know the year, or something dear; can’t shed a tear or have no fear. Find something for you, we will here…

Choose whimsically and always never remember to forget

Wrong Fist In The Pie

It’s like throwing a hotdog, down a hallway! Words on the loose; at LARGE!  These are socially vulgar phrases or strangely worded sayings that reflect multiple meanings; some possibly on accident! Please enjoy, as Fartfist plays with words deliberately…again (again)… …again… Well, you know I don’t have to explain shit to you!? You know thatContinue reading “Wrong Fist In The Pie”

Ban Yourself

These words have been printed with purpose, and meticulously chosen to relay a specific message. Everything has it’s “perfect” place on these tomes. Every comma; every butthole, every semi-butthole, every quirk and every word, stray mark or period. Every chance for you to ban and every dance of a fan. Every thought from within, everyContinue reading “Ban Yourself”

Raise Yourself

Kids…. Yeah! KIDS! Children! They are the future; that is the obvious. They play in the leaves and like to get mischievous. Now stay here with me and we might get adventurous. Find a little blunderbuss and find the little kid within us. It’s brittle. A little piddle with a little grown kiddo. Get woundContinue reading “Raise Yourself”

So Many More Questions

How much of this world have I forgotten? How much do I know that I have yet to forget? How much have I forgotten that you have yet to learn? What about what you know? What is going to replace abandoned truths? What versions of the truth are there to be learned and forgotten? WhoContinue reading “So Many More Questions”

The Legendary Cobi

“She left just as mysteriously as she arrived.“ It was late in the morning, the night she appeared. I have never met a soul so genuinely amazing. A life worn man was talking to his brother with the door to his car open, as he was about to drive off drunk as a sober mindContinue reading “The Legendary Cobi”

Help Yourself

Let me go ahead and put some words up here… AH! There we go! Do you like these? What about these? Would you like some more; more words? Here you are! How about that, you want a few more? Go ahead, I have plenty of them. They are not all going to be here though.Continue reading “Help Yourself”

Terribly Thankful

Just got told I was terrible today, by someone who didn’t have the room to say. Amidst all the dealings, it admits they had feelings; now that they hit the ceilings and the thin of their skin has started peeling. Full wages on the stages of the pages as the war still rages in theirContinue reading “Terribly Thankful”

My Beautiful Dream

If that is a feature that reaches this creature. Her eyes deceive her; she looks deeper and deeper before she can see through the eyes of a weeper. I don’t believe her when I see her; am I awake as I intake this dream of a sleeper? The love that we make is ever soContinue reading “My Beautiful Dream”

Fartfist’s “Ode To Ice Cream

Didn’t find anything good? Come back tomorrow, I might still be crazy….or you might

“It is amusing how people shun what is deemed inappropriate, then flee back to it for dear life, when they pry their heads from the jaws of judgement.”


*You may not want your child humans to read Unsanity. The ideas contained can be dangerous to feeble or growing human minds. It is possible Fartfist may tell stories for small human minds and imagination also, in the near distant future or in an alliterative dimension.*

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