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Welcome to Fartfist’s Unsanity
The Complete Twelve Volumes- Internet Edition*
*limited undisclosed availability

Even if you don’t know the year, or something dear; can’t shed a tear or have no fear… Find something for you, we will here…

From “Vol. 8
“Paper To The People”

Always never remember to forget to thank yourself.
(The supposed blue things…under this message; they’re buttons, you know. ..Press them.)

(For those who need to be told things, before they do them of course!)
(Or otherwise referred to as “Learning to do something you can and will only know by doing” …experience; first hand.)

I exist.


You’re a…(please, insert your last said word here)


I do things in life on purpose…

Not often with or without it.
Sometimes life wants to do things for itself.


Yeah, I farted!
How are you all doing tonight!?


Can’t never could.


“It is amusing how people shun what is deemed inappropriate, then flee back to it for dear life, when they pry their heads from the jaws of judgement.”


I have forgotten more than I know and remember less than I forget. Sometimes I forget to remember that.

~Fartfist said that~

From “Vol. 1
Growing Up Alive

*You may not want your child humans to read Unsanity. The ideas contained can be dangerous to feeble or growing human minds. It is possible Fartfist may tell stories for small human minds and imagination also, in the near distant future or in an alliterative dimension.*

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