Fartfist by Cover Art

Even if you don’t know the year, or something dear; can’t shed a tear or have no fear. Find something for you, we will here…

Choose whimsically and always never remember to forget

Bewildering Brevity

Welcome to Fartfist’s Bewildering Brevity! The Theme Becomes Apparent… One Title, Two Words  Endless Possibilities. A Different Kind of Magic Gave Birth. A Symphony Of Emotion Imperfect Harmony. Worry Of A Death Live Life. Nine Lives Of Lucky The Cat Tenth Try. Working For The Dead Caught Stealing. Life Of The Gambler Fifteen Minutes. Generation:Continue reading “Bewildering Brevity”


Apparently all animals and aliens are anthropocentric. Bring back bright, brimming, berry blanketed baskets, boy! Can cars continuously cause certain cancer? Dangerously daft, delusional daring dummies, dash daily during December. Existentiality exits early enough; everyone eats Earth, even extraterrestrials. Fifteen ferrets fly fast for fifty feet, freefalling for five farthings from finicky fans. Great, goContinue reading “Panagraphabet”

Addicted To Judgment

I am all alone in this world. At least that’s what they imply. Everywhere I go I am judged by others and shunned for my own personal choices and actions. My name is Loquacious Aluicious Broxmeyer. My name is unimportant; please allow me to tell my tale…. It all started at birth! I couldn’t getContinue reading “Addicted To Judgment”

Maximum Conviction

It really shows when a person truly wants to do something. You can see from the outcomes. They become rapid and predictable, often productive or entertaining enough to propel the desire to continue. When you spend enough time doing a certain thing, any given thing; you become more proficient and casually execute what would haveContinue reading “Maximum Conviction”

Working For Evil

It crawled out of me…each morning. The days, that looked down on me like an insignificant creature. I wrestled it and fought. At least until I won; at the cost of a pack of smokes, my livelihood and a bloodstain on my reputation. There were a few long then, now short years of working towardsContinue reading “Working For Evil”

A Variety Of Cheeses

What did the tree say to the ground? How should I know? Do you speak tree? What did cat say to the human? It didn’t say a word. That human knows the drill. What did the air say to the wind? Blow me. How many miles can you run? Before or after taking a dump?Continue reading “A Variety Of Cheeses”

The Toy Who Cried, Bored

Long, long ago or five minutes past; lived a boy. Yes, just a boy….and a girl. This child has lived, living and will; a child of your own conception. This boy or girl is whomever you decide you want them to be. The story is for the telling! It matters not what gender this childContinue reading “The Toy Who Cried, Bored”

Fartfist’s “Corona Castle

Didn’t find anything good? Come back tomorrow, I might still be crazy….or you might

“It is amusing how people shun what is deemed inappropriate, then flee back to it for dear life, when they pry their heads from the jaws of judgement.”


*You may not want your small humans to read Unsanity. It is possible Fartfist may tell stories for small human minds and imagination also, in the near distant future or in an alliterative dimension.*

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