It’s the eve of Unsanity….by none other than.

Even if you don’t know the year, or something dear; can’t shed a tear or have no fear. Find something for you, we will here…

Choose whimsically and always never remember to forget

The Food Dealer

…ration your education and save space for the time that you’re wasting… …trading… …smells like intestines….oh that’s just the casing…. OH! I didn’t see you there! You hungry, dear? I’m so full…I feel weird… Oooooooo! I have an idea! Let’s go get some shit to eat around here! Since you’re here… Let’s visit our localContinue reading “The Food Dealer”

Burning The Town To The Ground (The World Is On Fire)

It reared it’s ominously gruesome and intolerable presence. The townsfolk were enraged. So much anger and fear huddled together in the conferences of communion, against the foul evil that invaded their peaceful village. There they were; in stern debate over the fate of their livelihood and survival. With this new threat amongst them, they wereContinue reading “Burning The Town To The Ground (The World Is On Fire)”

A Period Piece

Peel back the curtains to reveal the landscapes in my mind. Just one peek; not a soul to speak. One peak, surrounded by the twisting stair of sticks; the pine straw pricks. Forage the forest; aplenty. With your mind; gaze across your pantry of gallantry into the thicket of wicked. Pull the gnarly branches back;Continue reading “A Period Piece”

In All Fairness

My kingdom for “equality”. What a sham! Even if it were more than words; it is an awful mental picture and condemning of individuality. If such a thing as “fairness” was a reality and not the plight of the weak or wicked, than you would all have lost all of your precious “humanity”. You wouldContinue reading “In All Fairness”

Lets Play: No Mouth!

We are going to play Fartfist’s “No Mouth” game! In order for you to play we need to establish how’s and why’s and if’s. If you already know how to play and want to start now please do and have fun! Are you accustomed to relying upon taste, mouth breathing or speech in your life?Continue reading “Lets Play: No Mouth!”

F’ing Fist

Fantastic! Fantastic filets; formally formiddible! Forsooth! Fly free for forever first; feel freely for finality. First! Fetch forgotten fables for frantic freeloaders… Final fog falls faster for frugal fantasies! Fix frequent foggy falls, foraging facts; for, few feel for fiction. Forget few; for fate finds fractures! (Fershay fer) Fail… Fail freely. Focused fortune fails. FamilyContinue reading “F’ing Fist”

Veal Of Zeal

Yeah. The “time” is closing in. It is about that “time”. Or so a human would tell a “promising”, pubescent youth. That hazy tale; of once, in the distant reality (or embellished story). “Back in my day” “When I was a child” “Things were different then!” “Oh! Kids these days!” It is funny, how everythingContinue reading “Veal Of Zeal”

Fartfist’s “Ode To Ice Cream

Didn’t find anything good? Come back tomorrow, I might still be crazy….or you might

“It is amusing how people shun what is deemed inappropriate, then flee back to it for dear life, when they pry their heads from the jaws of judgement.”


*You may not want your child humans to read Unsanity. The ideas contained can be dangerous to feeble or growing human minds. It is possible Fartfist may tell stories for small human minds and imagination also, in the near distant future or in an alliterative dimension.*

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