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One of the most terrifying things about a monster is often its appearance. The most horrific of creatures have repulsive and fearful exteriors. Often having scales, wings or claws; monsters aren’t inviting images. While most would immediately identify with unattractive beasts in mind; for the majority, despite their appearance, they are evil natured. It would be sane to presume all beings that hold any amount of regard for life will flee a monster’s presence. To constitute or justify its name a “monster”, it needs to be bad, there must be terror. Monsters are not expected to be friendly. When confronted by a monster, it would usually become momentously apparent that it is just that; a monster. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors and classifications. We also know all monsters can’t be bad, kind natured beasts do exist. This is simply a term we use to identify our surroundings, in reality or fantasy. Some of the most curious and unusual monsters are not scary at all. However more often than not, monsters are horrible, fearsome and unbearably disgusting creatures.

Monsters are not always fantasy or delusion.

In this tale of terror, our monster lives- it breathes, it exists and it is not at all fictitious. It is lurking in the shadows and in the light. It only hides from humanity, nothing else. It shows itself casually to other species. It skulks in the least conspicuous locations and its habitat is similar to ours. It has learned to be patient, it’s taught itself to move freely among us and even sleep in our homes. It is fond of lightly traveled roads, forests and parks. It also can occasionally be found in cities and civilized areas where feeding would be frequent.

 This “thing” is real and they are all around us, hiding and waiting. In some cases, they believe themselves superior to us. They employ tricks and deceit as well as malice to execute their will.  These unique monsters are capable of projecting harmless and inviting impressions, and are not always hard to look at; only to viciously and cruelly reveal their true pitiless forms to their victims in secret. Commonly, they toy with their prey- in often intimate and perverted ways, maliciously molesting the bodies and minds of their victims. The most dangerous ones enjoy themselves in their work. Like many other types of monsters, they un-exclusively but primarily feed on the young.

These beasts are not invulnerable. There is always hope to combat evil, and these abominations are no exception. They can be stopped, they can be destroyed. It is commonly when they become greedy or desperate when they are found and eliminated. The true terror lies in the fact that we cannot always see them; we are able to only when they want us to. They have the ability to vanish and sometimes use camouflage to blend into the environment of its prey.

Depending on the monster, they sometimes maim and dismember small animals. They have cold-blooded moments of inquiry or confusion, where outlets are needed and lusts are sated. These creatures want to consume and become stronger. Some of them eat flesh; some of them eat barely anything at all. Then, some prefer to keep their prey alive, fondling and provoking emotions or physical reactions. Though this creature will feed on animals and even others of its kind; its most enjoyable prey is humans. 


She is a hunter; she enjoys the thrill and excitement of the hunt.  Her father was a hunter too, but she never was truly aware of it. He would take her and teach her his ways at a very young age; showing her what to do, how to act and imparting his talents, but he was captured and killed before she was old enough to remember.  Her mother died giving birth and her father never taught her there was such a thing. This poor wretched creature fended for herself in an abandoned barn for many years. Her father inhabited it just before she was born.

They have structured families like us- only she was content in her solitude. She was organized and neat. She would use her surroundings to improve her habitat and kept things in tidy order. She spent most of her time hunting. Sometimes she would go out and bring back a kill, just stare or clean it and eat small pieces, burying the hardly touched remains. Other times she would bring them back live and play with them until they starved or died of shock. She always buried them. There was a cleft inside the tree line behind the barn; she was pitching them into it. She would break at the edges of the crevasse and cave in the dirt to conceal her trophies. She was always afraid something would find them, and humans would come and she would end up like her father.

All she ever wanted to do was hunt. Whether she ate them or not, she took great pride and pleasure in hunting, stalking and overtaking her prey. She would bring back small animals like birds and squirrels and rip them apart live, with her bloody talons. It was fascinating to her to watch a life writhe and cling desperately to inevitability. There will also be multiple times she would coerce a human child to follow her back to their sadistic demise. She would at her pleasure, take clothing from her female human victims and apply them to her own body, pretending to be human. During all of this, she even found time occasionally to steal objects from humans and use them in her “décor”.

One morning she laid huddled in the corner of her nest in the barn, unable to rest easy. She was growing impatient and bored. The hunger was building inside her to feast but she had already eaten. There was another part of her that needed to be fed; her emotions, her inquisitive nature. Like us, her kind need to satisfy more than just instinct, she wanted more.

The monster went through the tall grass and watched for activity. It found the old, poorly paved entrance to the dirt road leading back to “her” barn.  She waited suspiciously behind the cover of the reeds and overgrowth to watch cars that were potentially traveling. No activity for hours, she waited there. The temperature was rising with the sun. The waves of heat danced away from the road. The singing of cicada echoed far and rattled in the trees. She pawed and ate a sun baked newt, withered on a rock nearby. No sign of humanity. The shadows were running from the hot, fiery orb in the sky as noon crept.  Her patience was rewarded finally with an eighteen wheeler, barreling in her direction. This was her chance, she wondered when she leapt like a spider and hid herself in the rigging as the truck was slowing to turn onto a major highway.  The figure lurched and peered for opportunities to jump while trying desperately to remain hidden. It pounced and fell flat on the road, lying down, when the truck made its first stop. She crawled into some hedges lined along a quiet rest-stop entrance.

 Not a single branch was disturbed. It waited prone, like a tiger, in the mulch beneath the bushes’ shadow. Very few people were passing. The air was quiet and still. She could imagine her prey, able to hear her breath. The creature snuck into the cab of the still running freight truck. It scrambled and sniffed. It eventually found a mostly finished bag of crisps and ate them, chewing at the salty, torn, turned out bag. Her head popped up to the sound of the trucker clearing his lungs and spitting as he walked her way. She hastily squirmed and wriggled her way to the compartment behind the seats and waited cautiously. The trucker would have picked up her foul scent as he sat and buckled himself, but he too bore a monstrous tang. She watched curiously from under the seat, his legs and feet work the pedals. She quietly admired his pant legs, socks and bunny slippers he was wearing. Her bright green eyes would glow with each blink of the sun crossing the treetops along the highway. The trucker, trucked and the monster squinted like a cat, in and out of slumber as they approached a busy exit ramp.

Her eyes peeled, when hissing sounds of the brakes and shifting started to rock the cab. The driver’s buttocks clapped and released noxious fumes towards her now wincing face. She coiled back slowly, maintaining her guise. The door swung open and the trucker flopped out, trailing his repulsive odor. She gasped at the air, clawing and digging her way outside.

The creature scampered over towards a dumpster enclosure in the wide empty parking lot.

 Almost evening and being the weekend, the numbers of people around and about were limited. She soon moved, unable to continue with invading odors. She ran with all her strength towards an interconnected side street and slipped into an alleyway behind several residences. She perched aside a short fence, riddled with ivy, controllably panting and carefully watched a small human family interact through their dining room window.

They were, the four of them, huddled around a table, passing each other things and talking, laughing with their mouths full of food. They seemed content in their frolicking, whimsical behavior. She gazed in awe. She could not curb the feelings of excitement and crept up closer and closer, trying to remain hidden. It wanted so badly to play and feast as they did. But she knew she couldn’t. There were always feelings of hatred towards humanity; she could not ignore her disdain for them and their “wonderful lives”.  Those torturous feelings haunted her as she grew impatient. She waited for their feast to end and scrolled along the deck, stealthily sliding the glass door open, and then gently closed it behind.

The monster immediately slid across the hardwood and went into an open, dark bathroom. Crawling into the tub, she waited, just like always. She could almost feel the husbands’ heartbeat in cadence with his footsteps pounding the floor on his way to the bathroom. He entered, flipped the light-switch, slammed the door and began removing his pants. She mischievously glared at his body as he sat on the toilet. Scent of her, yet again masked by the stink of men. Breathing calmly through her mouth, she stared rousingly from the curtain seams.  The man finished and flushed. The flush startled her. He left without washing his hands, leaving the light on. She could not wait to jump from the tub and investigate the toilet. As she did, she heard water sounds and chatter all around. The children were on the other side of the wall, carrying on.

 She grinned menacingly and moved herself to the closet floor at the end of the hallway, shoving under a large pile of soiled laundry. Here in her blind of musty clothing, she realized the stench of humans followed her everywhere.

It was obsessed with children, these children of barely ten. She sat ever waiting and watching. The monster moved in small increments, dragging the stinking pile along and still atop her. The kids were none the wiser and unaware of the laundry sleeking in and resting in the corner of their room now. The oblivious youths continued to playfully bout and flit around.

“NO! STo-oP!”- “You’re scare-y!” was heard loudly from under the clothes, and the creature winced and shuddered, hoping the boy wasn’t addressing her.

“Peek-a-boo!” the little girl said as she pulled her hair away from her face.

The two children laughed hysterically and resumed play. The beast’s adrenaline was high and anxiety rushing forth. It tried to remain still, when the children naturally began to root and play in the dirty clothes.

Both claws emerged from the pile and wrapped around the backs of the children’s skulls, simultaneously. Pressing the heads into the filthy garments, it took only a few minutes for the monster to suffocate them. Once the bodies stopped straining, flopping and twitching, she silently had a break-down of emotion. It bashed its head repeatedly into the cloth draped mound, quietly whimpering and regretting. She gained control and darted for the hallway with furious anger and intent.

All the while she maliciously stalked the home; the fiend was completely unaware of things, just like the innocents still looming in her interest. Their delirious, elderly neighbor watched her sneak inside. The geriatric hero dialed local authorities and embellished every detail as he gave them her maleficent description.

“Hello? Ah, uh, yes, uh, yes, I, I, I mean I am calling to report a heinous crime!”

“Sir, please take your time and explain as calmly as you can.”

“Yes, uh, I, uh, it’s an emergency! There’s a DEMON breaking into my neighbor’s house! It’s snaking around the backyard! Eh, uh, wuh, 102 willow road, Please, please send everybody, hurry, it’s going to come for them, it’s going to kill- ah, it’s going to get me! There must be more of them! But, and, you, please, I, can you hear me, hello?”

“Can you describe what you see sir? It is important you try to remain calm and rational. Are you seeing it now? Are you in danger?”


The elderly man drooled in his chair, phone dangling by the wire, draped over the cat sleeping in his lap. His heart had failed, he was dead.

She quickly crawls her way up the stairway. Now standing upright at the top of the stairs, the monster screams. It is not hiding its presence any longer. She has entered a passionate rage and is fully bound by blood to kill. She was a hunter no more.

The husband confronted the evil in the upstairs hall. He stood nervously pleading with her as she snarled and lunged for him. He grabbed and threw her body away, towards the stairway. She rebounded and flung him over the banister. He rapidly plummeted to the floor below as she leapt on his smashed ribcage from the broken railing above. Instantly she scattered back up the stairs. During the bout, the wife was still showering and could hear the thumping downstairs.

“Fra-ank! Will you check on the monsters please? What are you two DOING down there!!!”

The real monster listened and chuckled under her breath psychotically as the wife naively beckoned from the shower. The woman’s screams penetrated the air when the beast busted the door and began ripping her apart. The lone wife’s limbs were being forcibly torn from her as the water continued to shower down, diluting the massive amounts of blood. The unfortunate woman was still barely alive and fading, watching the creature attempt to flush her pieces and parts down the commode. It gouged her eyes and ripped chunks of hair clean from her scalp.

The blood-soaked monstrosity left the room; parts sticking out of the bowl, shower running and entrails draped over the side of the tub.

In a daze, she began to mentally panic, as she heard the megaphone from outside and blue-red lights flashing in the windows.  In the moment, she knew what was going to happen. She was deeply afraid and relieved as she slowly opened the front door.


The megaphone was loud, frightening and over-bearing. The lights were piercing and sounds were pulsing around the scene.

The middle-aged woman did just as the officers’ instructed. She came out slowly, folded her arms behind her head, dropped to her knees and cut a bizarre smirk as she lowered and bit the dirt. The officers then proceeded to apply handcuffs to her wrists and escort her to the back of a car.

…….. by Fartfist

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I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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