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What is a good story? What is a story? What is “good”? Why are we story tellers? What makes a story true? Does a true story always need to be non-fiction? Is a fictitious story always fantasy? Are stories lies? Can all stories be written? Is every story capable of being told? Are some stories only spoken? How old is storytelling? What actually constitutes a story?  Did the very first storyteller have a name? What is it? Or why not? Does it matter?

 Is fake and fantasy the same thing? Is false and fake the same? Are fantasies delusions? Is truth always true? Who decided 1+1=2? What happens when someone goes around teaching millions who don’t know? What happens when someone is taught 1+1=10? Does that then become the truth? Or does it become their belief and not true? What comes of the mathematician? Are their findings belief also? Where was the final judgment made that logic isn’t a belief. Is it because we learn that we can compare? Is it our observations of our environment that tell us the truth? Is physical proof always needed for the truth to exist?

Do you always get something from your reading? Do you read with intent? Do you always expect to take something from your reading? What do people who don’t read do? Is it possible to live a full life cycle and not read anything?  Is reading necessary? Is it possible to read everything? Do you ever go back to look for something you missed? When reading word by word, is it possible to miss anything at all? Why is it possible that you can read something repeatedly, and still miss the point? Or do you make your own points? Is there even such a thing? Does anyone really, truly ever have a final point to make?

Is the sky really blue? Or is it blue because that is what was taught? Do words really have meaning? Or do they only mean what others say they do? When are words yours? Are all languages capable of delivering the same information? Are there better languages than others? Did humans invent communication? Do we believe other species have a need for questioning? What do you think? Do opinions decide everything?

Is a question ever really answered? Why do questions always raise more questions? What makes a good question? Is there truly such thing as a bad question? Is a bad question, one without answers? Is there such a thing as an unanswerable question? Is there ever a winner in any argument? Does it seem like our lives are all questions? Would we even exist without questions? Is inquisition our real purpose as a species? Can questions be answers too? Is the answer to all life’s questions a question? Do we exist solely to ask questions? When are we not questioning?  Are all of our directives motivated by questions? Have you eaten? Have you drunk? Have you slept? How is your air quality? Are you bored? Are you comfortable? Are you hot? Cold? Are you healthy? Are you unhealthy? Are you happy? Are you satisfied? Are you an individual? Do people like you? Do you like people? What is a person? Why is person and human different words? Is humanity bad for the environment? Are we a threat? Are you threatened? Are you threatening? Is life’s only threat death? Is fear of death controlling all life? Is fear of life just as common as fear of death? Is death the big question? Are you going to be alive tomorrow? What about in a year? Are you real? Does it matter?

Is time real? When did it start? What was before it? Did we make up time as a measuring tool? What is the “right” time? What is the “correct” time? Are they the same? Is time a distraction? Would we be different if we did not invent time? How much time does it take to tell time? Are we constantly in the future? Is tomorrow truly relevant if today is too? What about yesterday? How honest are the people who told us the rate of our travel around the sun? Do you honestly think that we know what day it is? How many yesterdays happen before we lose count? How is it proven? Do you remember the past? Is it embellished with other data logged in our brains? Doesn’t that mean we are experiencing past and future simultaneously? If one lives in the past, is the future one day remembered as past for them? Does that still mean they live in the past? Where do you draw the line? Is it between stages of development? Childhood? Is there such a thing as present time? If time is always passing, when is it ever “now”? Is it late? Is it early? What are the consequences of either? What time do things change? What time is important? Do the lost seconds matter? Does anything matter in 1000 years? What about 100? What about 10? When do things stop being considered important? Why? If we don’t count, does time stop? When does it stop and start to matter at all, to life itself? How does that impact your life? What about dead things?

Why do we say people change the “world”? What is the difference in the “world” and Earth? Do we really believe the change? Or are we confounded with futility? What changed and how can we know the change wasn’t superficial, vain or possibly inevitable without our influence? When a deer takes a dump in the woods, was the world changed forever? Did you laugh at that? Was I trying to be funny? Was it the choice of words? Would you word it differently? Are your words better than mine? To who? You? A college professor of English? Is this person certified enough to decide how the language should be used? Did someone teach them? Would it matter in the end if you could still read and understand? Why are we all so self important? Does intelligence really determine who can properly answer a question? Is that mind set intelligent? Are you smart because you know things or because you have the capacity for data? What manner of creature with a brain does not possess the capacity for data? Is that being broken? What about the word stupid? Can a person who only knows one thing be a candidate for intellect? Do you think that is possible, for a person to only know one thing? And be alive? What do you think that one thing could be? Survival? Is that broken down into knowing multiple things about any given thing? Does anyone know anything? Or do we think we know things? Do you think? Does anyone NOT think? Do you ever think about thought? Have you figured out an answer or did someone “teach” you? Do you think you can tell the difference? Do you propose answers to these questions? What makes you think you actually know something? What is gained when an answer is accepted? Do these answers boil back down to opinions? Does evidence then require evidence? Where does it end? When will you stop reading these questions? Are you still reading?

What about God and why is THIS, the only question I wrote with mention of religion?

 Will we stop questioning at some point?

What do you THINK you know?

Are you asking enough questions?

Do you even understand?

Go back to sleep < by Fartfist


Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

7 thoughts on “Questions

  1. Ouf ! So many questions & no answer 😀 or we do a mathematical sequence: questions – answers – questions about the answers – answers of the questions about the answers – and we get something pretty cool that looks like life, always on the move, and nobody ever knows where we’re going 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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