The Train Of Thought


Boarding! All Passengers boarding the loose cannon to know- where!

All aboard!

Alll ABO….. *ahem*

Of course! There you are! Come on… That’s right, I don’t need a ticket from you.

This here train is boarding anytime, anywhere. You won’t be needing a ticket.

Here we go! Have a load off, now.

Next stop! …we don’t know yet!

That’s right, we have no idea where we are headed.

 But don’t you worry, you can climb off anytime; just like the time you got here!

The windows! Check the windows, as we pass by!

See? There they are- It’s the stuff you came on with… Don’t you see it?

Take a minute if need be… what were you thinking when you boarded?

Yeah, the junk that was rattling around in your noggin! It’s your primary concerns and your constant worries!

They’ll be there when you get back, for sure.

We are on the train now; The Train of Thought.

We really are lost you know! The way changes all the time. Good thing we know we’re just along for the ride! Hate to think we are stuck here, going along forever!

Where do you want to go?

Let’s go then! This train can go anywhere; just think about where you want to go!

Are you taking this seriously!?

You may just need to close your eyes for a few. I will be right here- GO ON!

Did you do it?

 You didn’t really need to. I didn’t lie. The way will change.

Even if you have no playfulness of thought or sportsmanship, this train will not stop for you to notice that you are riding upon it.

So where are you in your mind? The place that you want to be.

The train is passing through there! LOOK! Look out of the window!

This is a good pace, is it not? We can start to throw things inside YOUR place!

I will help you get started. We are in your place, after all. I am happy to help out.


Look! A cybernetic albino kitten in a monkey suit! … and he is riding a giant slab of chewy bacon! Wow! What is happening?

He? No? Is it a she? IT!

 It has a ridiculous grin and it is floating all round the outside of the train now!

Where is this? Where have you imagined we are now?

There! I spotted something else we can play around with!

Did you ever think you would find a statue so large, here where you want to be?

It is larger than the earth is seems!

I have never seen such a marvelous statue of a roll of toilet paper!!!

What is it made of!? Gold? Silver? Ice Cream?

There are flowers below it! So many colors!

What can happen next!?

I want to go somewhere now! My turn! Do you mind at all?

You could always just get off… but we can’t stop the train.

We are going through a dark, gloomy land; with a foul smell.

Breathe it in, don’t close the windows, and continue to ride.

The trees are sickly and bare, the ground is steaming with black smoke.

Many sounds are scratching and hissing all around.

What are they? Can you imagine!? THERE!

Something must have thrown a soiled diaper through the window!


I knew it! I am so glad you didn’t close them!

Let’s check the contents… ahhh!

Inside the putrid smelling diaper was a pack of bubblegum and a few signed buzz-ball cards of players I don’t recognize! This is the way!

This is so wonderful! Want a piece?

What? It was poop just a second ago, but now there’s no boo boo; only gum! And these babies!

I would let you take a card but I want them, so no. You can’t have one. You can have a slice of this sweet elastic…

You can find something, I know you can!!!

See!? There is something else being lobbed inside!

Go check it out, what is it?

No, it’s yours….it can be whatever you want it to be…

The party is starting without us! Let’s go see what’s happening on the next car!!

Oh! My old friend!

Here, meet Dr. Captain Mister Woman Man and his lovely wife Ar-Nuuk!

It must be an occasion; it seems they have invited many old comrades!

Hello Garrick! Go on, introduce yourself… I don’t know who you are!

You have to mingle, get to know these; they’re a lot of fun!

There’s little Nabiki and Jonah! They are such a cute bunch of young and prosperous souls!

If it isn’t the Grand Snaggletooth himself! With a few members of the band!

Over there, under that table over there… look close… focus…

That is Juan and Nandi! There behind is Doris on the left and her beloved, Bucky on the right!

Don’t worry, they don’t bite!

Pay no mind to Breckkle over there, you will meet “him” later… or “his” um… “pet”…

…I believe “he” calls it “urrt”.

You have to watch out, if you say it too loudly it goes into a mad frenzy; often enough making for an uncomfortable experience. Wouldn’t recommend it at all…

Go on, there’s food! Swill! Have your fill!

I am defiantly coping with the urge to eat that pickled composition book!

However, I can never resist a good fried birch sapling with a molten candle wax glaze.

I am grabbing these before they run out, you understand, right?

Get you a cup of this dried beverage; they call it “A cup of failure”.

They say if you try hard enough, there may actually be something to drink in the cup!

My favorite has always been the liquefied air. “They” also say it’s the best for you too!

This party never stops, isn’t that neat!?

The train just keeps going and going; forever…

This is my stop though, it has been nice. I still don’t quite know who you are or where you want to go… no matter!

Give the others my best! I’m off!

Well… It seems the door is stuck.

On this winged basset hound… It won’t move.

It has created a sturdy blockage; I cannot get the door past it!

Why, the dammed thing is passed out cold… flying along with the train!

I know- why don’t we try crinkling some packages…that ought to do the trick!

Sure as sunrise! There it goes- Looking for the hand outs!

This is my chance!

Farewell, you’ll do fine without me!

Enjoy the ride!

Choo Choo by Toot-fist

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I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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