Maximum Conviction

It really shows when a person truly wants to do something.

You can see from the outcomes.

They become rapid and predictable, often productive or entertaining enough to propel the desire to continue.

When you spend enough time doing a certain thing, any given thing; you become more proficient and casually execute what would have (at first) embarrassed you earlier, had you not done such an act so persistently.

It really is a simple and real concept.

You get better at the things you just simply do.

No human lives long enough to obtain any level of “mastery” of any activity.

There will never truly be a master of anything, but what is also true is the fact that when dedicated to a specific thing; mastery becomes a possibility, if only merely that due to lifespan.

I am confidently a force to be reckoned with at thinking! That’s because I spend most of my time doing just that! Sometimes exclusively, for hours on end!

I am a great technician or I excel at repair of practically anything because I am an attentive “destroyer”, and am very good at breaking things! All kinds of things! I spend time “taking things apart”; I like to make things “not work” so that I may have the experience to make anything “work”.

This is not only a practice but a metaphor.

It applies to survival and life itself. I spend my time making things work. I practice making many “problematic” obstacles in life work.

You do not need much other than common sense or the ability to reason to understand this one.

You become better at whatever you want, all you need to do is, do it.

What is the fate of a person who meets all of life’s trials with the response- “I’ve never been good at that” or “I can’t do that” or “I’m not built like that” or “I tried, but I’m no good” or “I’m the worst” or “I’ll never be able to do that” or “That’s impossible”?

The answer is uncertain but certainly unpleasant.

The real, truthful answer should look like this- “I do not want to do that”

Well there you have it!

The only thing that matters in this case has been identified… Do what you would “like” to do, not what you are uninterested in. This is the key to many people’s unhappiness.

You want to impress someone, be honest.

That is why you are not “good at anything”. Because you spend time doing what other people like and you are not motivated to become better because this is not genuine interest, it is peer influenced and bores you to the point of being convinced that it is “work”. Now you do not want to spend all of your time being a better “sky diver”, because you just want the acceptance and not the act.

Maximum conviction is achieved when the “forces are aligned”. When the action you perform is wanted for what you want out of it; as long as you are satisfied by doing “back flips”, you will keep falling until you get to the place that made you happy. You will “rinse and repeat” until you are satisfied with your abilities. If you find yourself waning and bored, you move on.

It is a state of uninterrupted motivation to just do.

When on board one hundred percent, when your mind and body are in sync, you can do whatever you want, with skill.

It is like writing, for example; Writers often say you must read to be a better writer. This is a person who is in the business of selling words, mind you. This is good for seeing words and how others use them, no more. You have no idea what those words mean based solely on context! If you truly want to be a writer, you need life experience! You need to put the books DOWN! Yes! You! If you are an aspiring writer and happen to be reading this text; stop, mid sentence and go do some gardening or get a “real job”. Go get in a fight. Go stop a fight. Go feed the birds. Go mountain climbing or deep sea fishing. Go get married and have a few children. Love something, hate something. Throw a fit. Stop reading, don’t even finish this page.  All you need to be a great writer are three things. Life experience, a dictionary in the language you wish to write in, and something to write with/on. Simple. “Oh but I just…I don’t know what to do…I get writers block!” That is the fakest excuse for not giving a care I have ever heard.  I find it’s harder to commit to one idea than it is to conceive one thousand. Why do you want to be a writer so bad if you have nothing to write about? You need to get a new job. Then you will have something to write about. You just don’t magically get good at stuff folks! You want to know why your favorite writer is so successful? Because they write! That is the bottom line…while you are whining and looking for easy ways and instant gratification, they have been writing!

A plumber did not get better at fixing toilets because they took a lot of dumps; no more than you’re “book” is getting written while you are on the “pot”, reading.

I can fix any manmade appliance that has ever existed…but don’t ask me to use it! I am not good at fixing dishwashers because I have used them; I have never even owned one but I have efficiently repaired hundreds of them.

I do not read.

I do not read very aggressively. I despise it.

Yet here are the words that I have chosen to deliver as manuscript.

I am spending my time doing something and skill increases as time progresses while doing so.

I am only a writer because I am writing. No where are my expectations of being labeled a master of this craft. This is what I choose to exercise. A skill I choose to hone; to add to the growing list of others.

This is the power of will; the power of conviction.

There is an invisible barrier around every new activity where one becomes intimidated and embarrassed when attempting something foreign. This is life, once again an inevitable reality. “The trick” is to not mind.

Run at your “work”.

Dig in, go full steam ahead and bash head first into that “wall” with all of your emotionally driven might! Be aware of injury and persist. That “barrier” is always weaker than you. Always. Every single time.

That’s the unspoken truth.

It is written as of now; Just do.

Trying is not good enough. Trying implies that you may stop. That’s not an option when you have the will to do what you are personally interested in. Trying is a benchmark that places your goals at the feet of your achievement in actuality. It is a mark on the wall where you had measured yourself as a child…it is chest high to you now because you stopped keeping track…that’s what trying is. It is selling yourself short.

Just do.

Do with everything you have inside you. Do despite your friends and family. Do despite your health, sanity or well being.

Cast yourself into the fire and become tempered by it, or die “trying”. That is the true, gruesome fate of try. Try AND die. Do OR die. It does not need to be that hard for you to try. Those that do will always have something new.

Fill the tank up; don’t just put five bucks worth in. You are only going to go five bucks far.

You put a little do in; you get a little new out!

Just so happens, I like this; the way of reality…I like the idea of “little” manageable things.

You want to be a dancer? Then DANCE! Make up your own moves!

You want to be a singer? Find something to sing! Write your own songs even!

I want to have skills, so I am collecting them; one by one, day by day, year by year.

When I have written what I have planned to write; I will “wear another hat”, once again.

Find something to do and do it.

Do it with maximum conviction. Be dedicated, accountable and you will indisputably receive maximum results, just be prepared for what that brings as a consequence.

That is why I do not spend years on each task or text.

If you build a mountain, you must then tend a mountain.

Nothing is sacred or error-free or without flaw or consequence.

Perfect is a word- not a real, tangible truth.

It is also an opinionated adjective, located only in the eye of the individual who conceived it.

Perfection is not human. It’s not me; it’s not you. It isn’t anything to us.

There are so many things that are “us”, here on Earth.

You get better at being, by just “being”.

Just be yourself…

… with maximum conviction.

Step 1: Exist Step 2: Do Step 3 by Fartfist

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I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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