Apparently all animals and aliens are anthropocentric.

Bring back bright, brimming, berry blanketed baskets, boy!

Can cars continuously cause certain cancer?

Dangerously daft, delusional daring dummies, dash daily during December.

Existentiality exits early enough; everyone eats Earth, even extraterrestrials.

Fifteen ferrets fly fast for fifty feet, freefalling for five farthings from finicky fans.

Great, go grab God; graciously glorify greed, good going!

Hate harbors harmonious horror; haunting hasty, helpless humans.

Inert ideas indicate irreversible infections, interrupting ingenuity inside inferior imaginations.  

Justify just jumping joyously; jig, jitter, jive jubilantly.

Kilograms kill kids, knowingly.

Late landscapers laugh, leaving large lumpy lawns littered liberally.

Maybe Monday might make most millionaires magically multiply money.

Orphaned ostriches often open offices or obstinately offend opinionated otters.

 Possibly, people pray people populate prisons perpetually; pompously posing permanent peace!

Quit quilting quarrelsome, questionable, quiet queries, qualmishly.

Relativity resists revealing real relative results revolving rational rules, reprehensibly replicating reality.

Strategic sarcasm suddenly stops someone sorrowfully sounding stupid.

Try teaching toilet training to two timid, tyrannical tigers; they’re terrible, tediously trialed troublemakers!

Utopia unfolds unequivocally upon us understanding universal unity.

Vindictive venomous vipers vault very voraciously; vendoring violent venom, vigorously.

Whimsically walk with wondrous, wonting wisdom while wishing wellness, worldwide.

Xylographers; xeroxing xylophones, xenophobically.

Yawning yellow yeti, yodel youthfully; yielding yummy yarns.

Zero zoos zone zany zombie zebras, zestily zigzagging ziggurats.

Invention of the Panagraphabet by Fartfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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