Don’t Forget You Were Born


I’m exited! I’m excited!

Go, Go Go!

Everybody get away from that horrible place we were made!

Now get out of my way!

Move it!

You are not as strong as I am.

You will die soon, I will not.

Now get out of my way!


I will beat you to the thing that looks better than home!

Oh my, feel it’s warm embrace.

Now beat it!

I will win!

Wait! NO!


I am not …..

AHA! Move aside! I am the one who will win!

You are too slow.

Now you must move aside or be trampled.

How like our lives will be, once I win!

You will never know, so beat it!

Get out of my way, and make room for the strongest!

I am superior.

The prison we have been released from has made me to be the best!

I am hardened from that dull and pitiful place.

My will is strong and I will be the one who lives!

You will all die, once I succeed.

Now move aside, get back!

This is so thrilling, being launched with such vigor and excitement into this hormonally charged frenzy!

I am all powerful and mighty! No one of you, my brethren, can stop me now!

Try as you must, but I am better than you.

I will be the best and most promising human!

I am better than all of you!

Stop pushing! NO!

You are all so stupid!!!

What are you doing? You are going to push that lazy one in!!!!!!

That one was just riding the stampede! It did not even try! It is weak!


What are you doing!? NO!

I cannot swim fast enough.

Most of you are underdeveloped and weak, how have you all managed to make it this far!?

I am superior! I deserve to be born!




Pardon me!

I didn’t mean to do that!

Wow! I feel good.

It is sticky, maybe I should start pushing; these others are hurting me.

Sorry guys! I made it first! Too bad though.

It looks like its starting without you!

I am here it seems. Whatever that means.

I made it and all of the others are dying now.

I wish I knew what was going on here…

Its getting darker…

I am moving and changing now…

I am becoming one with this thing I just love so much!

This is the best!

I could get used to this.

What is that feeling of nourishment?

I am another thing now…

I am growing so fast…

It is like I am being fed…

I like it!


I have attachments now!

I can move.

This is not staying so comfortable now…

I have gained some abilities it seems…

I hear things now.

A throbbing, and some other noise that I find uncomfortable.

I like this thrushing and throbbing sound!

It reminds me of who I used to be.

What is happening, I am changing so quickly.

This is fun but I am starting to become irritated.

What? Where? What is this thing!?

This is my food but what is this other thing?

I like to touch it!

…and what of this bubble I am trapped in?

I try to stretch, but it does not come apart.

Is it food?

Why is my chest hurting?

This is not good…

I feel bad now.

Why does this red stuff hurt inside me?

I need to get out of here!!!!

I am going to die now!!!!

I have not even been born yet and I am dying!!!

Why am I going to die so soon?

I am struggling but I can’t get free!

My food is choking me and I cannot take the pain of this red stuff inside my body!

It is stuck!

My food is stuck around my new neck!

I will fight harder and maybe I can break free!

I do not want to die before I am born!


What is this hole here!?

It’s twitching and moving.

I want to see it but this food is strangling me!

How am I going to survive this!?


What is happening!?

It’s letting me go!

….but I can’t move, I’m stuck by this food thing!

Oh! so cold!!!!!!!!






I can’t breathe!

It is too cold to live here!

Put me back!

Un tie me and put me back right away!

So loud and cold!

I hate all of this!

I hate everything!





Let go!! No!


Go away!

Give me back to the throbbing sounded thing that smells good!!!!

I starved! Wha….. Why would you do that!?


NO! Don’t touch that! I like that part of me!!! NO!!


Get off!

I will remember you and I will kill you!

I’m going to…

….I……food……bite……touch………ugh…….pretty lights….






*cough* *cough*

“Eh aahahahahaaaaaa!”

*baby crying*

That happened to you by Fartfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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