Can’t Live Without Yousef Errbody


My name is Yousef Errbody.

I am going to teach you how to live a good life, the way society makes it easy for you.

I am going to get a job, so I can apply and gain credit first.

Then I am going to quit the job and go into debt on purpose.

After that I will demonstrate how to be summoned to be held accountable.

As an individual, this is an excellent way to live the dream of freedom! As intended!

I watch you all struggle in your lives and I see what the problem is!

You are not taking advantage. Well, you are; it’s just you do it wrong!

Not living up to the full potential you have to be controlled.

If you truly want to be organized and reliant, and live the life of acceptable slavery, you will follow these instructions!

Do not merely act or pretend to be useless; actually embrace, and truly discover the meaning of being a successful parasite!

If dependence is your forte; allow me to help you.

While we work, we can pursue a diploma; of any kind, they are all the same.

Let’s drop out and quit our jobs now!

Let us amount all of these debts and forget them.

This is the part where you go (or not go) to court and plead.

Only, instead of plight, you offer the truth; you don’t have the money or intention of paying any.

This statement will result in your eventual incarceration.

At this point you are almost there!

Now all you need to do is LIVE!

Just eat those three balanced meals and enjoy that cable television!

Meet new, interesting people and read a few good books.

Take full advantage of the rest of the weak minded, like yourself!

They are working everyday so you can have this fine jail with your warm beds, meals and recreations.

They will eventually try to “release” you if you stay too long, it seems they will kick you out of society and then kick you out of “punishment” also! What a free and easy world to live in.

 You are going to need to be creative in order to stay and fully take advantage of others; like you were trained to do, just not efficiently until now.

Maybe punch someone or if violence isn’t your thing, maybe tell the parole board that you enjoy taking and owning things and that you want to victimize to survive! It would not be dishonest to do so; you do exist at the misfortune of others anyway, when left to your own devices!

If you like this life, if you love society; why not truly embrace dependence?

Nothing is stopping you.

You too can be considered unfit for society!

You too can work and pay, in a different way!

You like working and paying better than being truly accountable for survival.

The system works for you to take full advantage.

Eventually when you realize all you wanted was just to be told what to do, we won’t need jails or money.

Money can be for the ones who like pretending to be the jailors!

There’s is the same prison they work to inhabit.

There are many ways to take advantage. Having advantage is your “middle name”.

You would be nothing without it, so why fight it?

Let’s work together to live and survive! It’s okay if you can’t/don’t pay!

There is a jail that we pay for, you can live in!

It is a nice place really…..

OH! I was omitting a major detail….

…you’re afraid of “bad guys”!!!

You’re spineless, that’s how you were found in this predicament in the first place! We need to make it easier for you, not harder; harder only makes you cry…can’t make a worker out of you if you are crying!

We “gotta” make it easy, so your life gets “better”.

No worries there! All you need to do is pretend to be sick or injured or mentally challenged and you are off the hook!

They can put you up at a cozier establishment we work to pay for; one with less violent “bad guys”.

Remember you are the bad guy too; we all are when someone/anyone loses their “advantage”.

This is perfectly fine logic….for a criminal.

Is that not the point here?

Where you live, “they” make it easy for “good” honest people.

Such as yourself AND criminals!

Let’s all live together and institute law that confines our beliefs to “good” and “bad”.

Then we can bask in complaining about crime, it’ll be fun!

I don’t know about you, but I want my life to be all fluffy clouds and rainbows.

I am Yousef Errbody and I want everything to “work out”…

….but like, you….

I am afraid of my own shadow and want easy.

It’s easy to go to jail for being alive.

It’s easy to blame.

It’s easy to eat.

It’s easy to breathe.

It’s easy to sleep.

It’s easy to make friends.

It’s easy to be okay!

I don’t need to be here jailed within laws of money and society, waiting to be put in the next!

It’s easier to just go before someone finds out you have your own thoughts.

If you want to live a good life, “take advantage”.


What do I know; maybe your way is better…

….I am Yousef Errbody, I can’t live without YOU.

Yes and no by Fartfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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