Ghost Of Lies

They will haunt you.

A single, harmless and deliberate mistruth can stay around for a lifetime; but with far more effort and weight than truth.

A joyful and creative apparition of reality can alter the developmental judgment and decisions of any mind over long periods of time. Lies then become productive, but what else do they do?

They stay.

They possess the mentality of a person… In more ways than that sentence reads.

A beautiful fat man bearing gifts, a cute humanoid rabbit with chocolate statues of itself (who is also apparently male), a “fairy” that pays children for their teeth (who again, has the foreboding image of masculinity), a father figure who blows on his children, a little ginger man dressed in green with a single pot of gold coins, another ginger man who is made from grains and baked in an oven, a guy named jack that apparently makes dew freeze, a man that goes by the name “boogey” and hides in closets or under beds, a few gorgeous women in gowns, sporting heavenly, proportionate wings, sprouting from their backs (go figure, I mean with the trend here of illusory males hogging the limelight), a helpless princess (another go figure moment) and a charismatic, bold, determined and self-absorbed knight, in aesthetically pleasing but cumbersome armor,  men in the sky, one throwing bolts of lightning even, one a spirit that is to be worshipped and feared (a male), another man comes and eats children’s dreams, and we could go on forever, these folks all have one thing in common; they are lies.

Oh! Let us also mention personas and pen named characters used to illustrate philosophical meanings like those titling themselves as vulgar appendages to pluck upon the strings of a man’s tolerance to its own understanding of pettiness. A thing designed to make one perceive stupidity so that they would not expect intelligence. This is a fictional wraith of lies as well. A tactical one that happens to be aligned with the benefit of mankind, one who happens to be writing this very chapter of our Unsanity; the scale of sanity we all place our judgments of others upon.

You may have suspected it would be an observation that most of these ghosts are male; that’s not entirely the case, now is it? It is a “fact” that men have created woman versions from their own perspectives of what they think about the opposite gender. Let us not shy away from how obvious it is that most of human development has been dictated and modeled after males, “men”.

The concept of deception is genderless. Men are no more liars than women or the other way around.

No, they are all fictional characters designed to represent something or teach. They are to impart innocence with a standard or some form of wisdom, through a series of tales or over blown myths that would entice impressionable minds into linear thinking. There are many uses for these specters of the imagination.

They are a tool used by parents to manipulate children.

They are a form of income for markets worldwide.

They are entertaining stories for the eager imagination.

They are beliefs that are backed by millions of faithful.

They are spiritual mascots for divine representations.

They are extraordinary people, writing behind pen names

They are the characters storytellers  create.

They are all together entirely fictitious and glorified as truth in the minds of a large portion of youth and some die with their beliefs unquestioned.

They are the ways we all teach our children to lie; specifically in its acceptable form.

These colorful bunch, are injected into ignorant minds and grown like seeds for a tree of control.

Some with unique and individual motives or intentions.

They each hold a sheet; they each have a message. Behind the sheet is the will of control and the “human behind the curtain”, going through the facilities of the act. In front is a person who receives a “lesson” or moral alignment.

The big guy with the beard tells kids to be good or else.

The tooth collector is asking kids to stop whining over loosing teeth and pull them out so they don’t swallow them.

The little chocolate bunny is making kids smile and parents cringe at the bill.

Flatulent Phalanges tells kids to do for themselves or get out of their own way.

They all have their own very mortal and real motives in their ghastly, fictitious state of non-existence.

This all points at the other things that we may all be going around saying and doing that also may be the will of a ghost (man). If you haven’t gotten the clue yet, its simple.

The brain is where they are real, all along with a generous portion of absolutely every moral, disposition, belief, opinion or virtue.

Guess what else!

They are being perpetuated by writers! Yeah they are; all those “characters” everyone loves to admire so much. Those words on parchment or screens are designed for you to eat and digest. They want to be consumed. I would be as bold to state most all writers are feeding the world opinions in the form of factual information. It all depends on which ones the wealth decide they want filling the brains of the populous. Writers create lies that perish and become immortal souls.

They die off over the generations; the sources,  the lore, the tales change and all quiet down until the next wave of writers raised on their essence of influence goes to spin the yarn back round.

They are ghosts of the imagination of ghosts, long deceased.

It is an often thought of whether it is a good thing or not to teach our children to live in the imagination. A conflicting and deceptive feeling is an inevitable realization for a matured being of any species. The older and more accustomed to the environment a life gets, the more adaptive and cognitive it becomes to coping with surroundings. At least of course that pertains to a willful participant in survival. These images of trickery against ourselves can inhibit such capabilities when dependant on a lie or provided way of provocation or motivation to live and do for oneself. It really is a concern that we are all telling the future of humanity that lying is good.

That is the truth isn’t it?

A lie is a psychological tool. It can be used for survival with humans or gaining advantage in social settings. It can project an image of strength for the weak and an image of innocence for the strong. Any species of mammal I have encountered is susceptible to them in one form or another; even a fish can be lied to.

The most detrimental thing about the lie is its ghost.

What it leaves behind, the trial, the remains need constant supplemental lies to uphold.

Once a lie is created it is desperate to be protected by its user at any cost up to the very life of the liar.

Ghosted lies can be vanquished.

All hope is not lost against this potential enigmatic foe. Humans are capable of reason when substantial relevant data or evidence is produced.

Words have the power to slain words.

What is born from the mind of a human can be destroyed by the mind of a human.

Ghosts only exist in the mind’s eye. The spirit of a lie is no different.

There will be the place where one would confront a poltergeist.

The battlefield is the mind.

In reality it will have its way with you as long as it exists inside the mind.

I put them away and take them out and play when I want the world to go away.

The imagination is a wonderful and terrible thing, filled with many deceitful perils and wondrous curiosities!

I just hope there are humans out there teaching their children to know the difference; and how to fight ghosts and their lies.

The boogeyman is afraid Fartfist is hiding under HIS bed… by Fartfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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