Join Me In Yourself

I have created a world for us to live in.

I already moved in.

Bring your world into mine; we can share this world together.

We bring our worlds with us wherever we go and always.

My imagination is a wonderful place to live!

Come, please; I insist that you stay awhile. Warm yourself now that your world has gone cold; cool yourself as well, in the sweltering heat of your passion.

I can do anything for us.

We will be fat in a world of scraps; fit in a pantry of sweets!

I will not beg you.

Your world is glorious; a step away is not ever a place I would lure you.

Your world looks inside mine.

You may just want to bring your world along and visit sometime; I’ll always be here, in that which I and all have created.

This is not an imposition; unless your world cannot shelter me when I come with mine.

Here it is. Here is my brain; my world, that I inhabit with you and in yours.

Where am I inside your world?

Why, there you are in mine!  You are healthy and full of joy. When we laugh, our smiles become painful. There we are masochists, we cannot stop torturously smiling; and then we do not.

I get tired of the pain sometimes and focus my attentions on the events in another part of our world.

We can sit at my table.

We will talk about serious natured topics and crack grins against our will.

We will make very light of daunting realties and obnoxiously complain about petty, trivial matters of frivolity.

This world of mine and ours can be yours, mine and ours for hours.

An hour is a minute and seconds, years in this place.

Don’t run to catch up, I will bring you to me; come.

These are the fields we will gather; sit at the table and stand the aroma of lavender, buffeting in gentle gusts of thick, heavy air you can wear.

It is a chilly warm breeze that can please with ease, you may even sneeze when seized with trees leaves that leaves your grieves in disease like thieves as they flee like fleas in the warm, chilly breeze.

The feast you see is for you and for me, frankly you see, I’d be happy to agree freely to feed any and everybody you see.

I want to breathe and be and eat to sleep and defeat the need to beat feet or be discreet and meek and seek to leak eternally and internally for eternity and infinity or until empathy from divinity and ultimately entropy.

In our world its okay to live in the world of others until one of them discovers that they could be foes or lovers and those with mothers who hide under covers.

I will always be your lover, not undercover but another.

One that eats your face and makes you taste the place we create with grace.

Passion; desire that’s fashioned and taken like rations and actions that provoke reactions that lead to satisfactions, at least protractions.

Survey, the scope of land I project from the wave of my hand.

If you’ve got the sand we can; walk hand in hand and.

Understand the plan of man if we can.

I am home and always around, in town in a place where up is down. A place made to taste like upside down frowns, but not clowns in gowns in mounds of loud sounds and bound for fluffy clouds and throes of rounds with bright rainbows abound.

Come relax at whim my cabin, walk in and then let the consternations begin.

Say something bad, good or ugly and just be free of a label or plea, simply.

Savor with me the possibility that we are all in Unsanity and sanity might be folly or hypocrisy.

Possibly hierarchy, in a world of glorified monkeys, who won’t be happy even when they’re wealthy or healthy if they could see clearly in either analogy.

Inevitably I’ll be an enemy in a world with no identity.

I don’t take lightly the prophecy that what’s not broken needs no remedy; casualty and suffering is a result of this catastrophe of world revelry.

I am waiting patiently in my world of calm calamity.

I’ll ever be knowingly throwing me in front of the assembly or thrones of authority; thorns of humanity adorned by gnomes of vanity, who shone insanity.

I assure thee, while they’re droning and cloning; I’m roaming freely in my dome and in my tomes of Unsanity.

Feel free join me.

Where were you when you were alive?
by Figment Fist

I made the place I run from and the one I run to
You made it a place
~Flatulent Phalanges~

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

3 thoughts on “Join Me In Yourself

    1. I am always glad to see you enjoying my Unsanity! I feel as though I have succeeded. I have been known to be terrifyingly romantic with a twist of off-putting comfort! Hope you are well, and still occasionally positive, Ms. Thang!

      ~Friend Fist


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