My Beautiful Dream

If that is a feature that reaches this creature.

Her eyes deceive her; she looks deeper and deeper before she can see through the eyes of a weeper.

I don’t believe her when I see her; am I awake as I intake this dream of a sleeper?

The love that we make is ever so sweeter; I always greet her and treat her whenever I meet her.

Sweep her feet for we never delete the memories we keep or glances complete with something unique.

A smile or a grin, I always win when her guile begins.

Sin of lust waltzes in and then stirs within the flames akin to the cute dimples of her cheek and chin.

Pops with a pin, the bubble I’m in when a blend of wind and drops come in and begin to send my cart for a spin in ways my heart can’t defend.

Your face is a maze as I lose my way and stay in the grace of your arrays of delightful lights brighter than days.

It is okay to say that I just may want to roll in the hay or spend every day entranced in this way.

Dismay is a day that I don’t get to say the way I feel or share a meal so surreal and play with her hair so fair, as it sway away in the air and make me declare that I want to stay forever at bay in the blossoms of may.; where my worries decay and flay away my thoughts of the gray.

Your smell is a must, it adds to thus and carries this husk through waves of your musk.

Filling my trust and peeling the dust from this gritty gust of ponderous reeling and rust in the ceiling of my brain and my bust.

Feeling the rush when one of us caves from the lust and then when or again our skin touch; I love her so much.

Love that’s for you, true to be glue that bonds me to you.

Fondly anew when I look at you; my love it grew with every view as I stew in wonder of you.

Every glance is a dance of romance so advanced it fills my pants with ants and my mind in a trance.

For you is love from me so tenderly, my loverdy, fershy happily in love with me.

All I can see are your eyes sparkling and uncanny prize of your beauty.

Where am I!? What happened!?
Soooooooo…… love me???
By Flirtfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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