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United Fakes Of Euphoria


There’s a stripe for every sap…and a star for every bright chap…

I only understand what I have deliberately observed with intention and I observe many things human; we don’t hold “burn your hand on the stove meetings” so I am aware there may be a unified lack of understanding when it pertains to positive and negative impacts of unification. We are not all exposed to danger willingly for self benefit towards survival, boredom or inquisition; hell, many of you don’t prioritize survival at all! Survival is a thing of the past, according to the lives of those unified.


Oh what a wonderful concept; embraced, valued and understood by so very little, if any at all.

Truly and especially those who use the word most.

Those in its often involuntary court will also very seldom understand it.

It is an implied thing; unity. Most would undoubtedly assume it is all about coming together, but that would be only one perspective lying on the surface; here is a literal use of a word!

 This is an act. Actions have many facets to them. There is another word; you don’t like this one.

Consequence… Effect….

 Two words rather…with the explicatory redundancies painted between them. Those two words alone explain unity in ways that a formal explanation would diminish. The useful word would or could be any; any that refer to the unaccounted for repercussions of an action. Often enough, with noble intentions.

Come together, terrorists of the world! (example….exclaimed.)

Let us join forces with “The Power”… see if we can survive with it’s authority! (…and the problems it creates as well…)

“If you can’t beat it, join it!”

NO. I am sorry guys, but no. Just no….and no.

First off: “beat it”… if you ever said you needed to beat anything, you have committed to possibly being beaten and at some point you will indeed “beat it”; just not in the sense you were expecting. The knife will always cut the cake, no matter the magnitude of either; either way.

Secondly: “The cake”… When you have been granted a cake; you must share with the ones unified to your cause…or else. These cake givers and bakers will not be so available next year if you didn’t allow them to enjoy it with you. This is unspoken law. You must be able to enjoy the WORD cake whilst also accepting a portion allotted to you of “the real thing”. Surely the thought IS what mattered, truly. This notion will not always present itself in the form of cake either, so one must humbly share thy cake. When one unites with others; specifically the “spoils” shall also be united, in a way that does not leave any contributors or party members in a state of neglect.

Thirdly: “Contributors”… these guys (people, places, things) are not always contributing. Those that do contribute are the most likely to let you know just that also. You can bring thousands together and as long as ONE is riding the wave; the count becomes askew. Someone is getting shorted on contributions versus rationed rewards. The scale will ALWAYS be tipped in this manner; there is NO avoiding it. These are the observed consequences of unification (at a glance).

Joining out of desperation, fear, obligation, inferiority, confusion or dismay are some of the most common ways to be unwittingly or unwillingly united to a cause. Society is one type of unity that this data vaults out of.

A military organization or government is the biggest and most counterproductive of human unification. There does not exist another quite like it, of this, I am certain.  When you gather so many people under passionate or under educated on the mission, to a singular cause, it results in an array of domino effect-like problems.

Boom- the boom happens.

The baby booms. Boom.

Here are the new, untrained brains who will eventually grow with a very individual opinionated mindset who often are not fed the messages as accurately. Dilution of concepts, discoveries, adaptations, amendments and side-quests all will fester within the established unity over time. This is the organic cake that no one is willing to cut and they are not experienced bakers who know and are familiar with how they rise and fall.

The hunter who has never needed to skin an animal.

The fisherman who has never tasted carp.

The carpenter who has never swung a hammer.

Eventually you will have a hunter who will balk at the sight of blood, a fisherman who will choke the community down with foul meat and microscopic bones lodged in their throats, a carpenter who will take a lifetime to build you a house that will fall before you are a grandparent.

The unity will be intact for sure.

Just as humans do, they will continue to justify what they know.

They will unify to unite others even. Humanity won’t stop there either; all life will be recruited and drafted to THE causes. Yes, every single last one of them in sight; like a computer program that must follow its line of code to initiate the sequence of survival.

Who of these eyes know that writers have been spewing positive minded encouragements (stigma) for the entire course of recorded human HIStory? Who also recognizes the idea of unity and how it applies to the basic principles of electricity?

To unify; it implies that all must be brought together, however “nature” has done that already and human brains can’t accept what does not bolster them. Nothing requires a human input to bring “together”. This relationship with existence is extremely simple and humans are notorious for dismissing harmful truths and patching up appearances for efforts towards a new gospel truth.

The load that needs the positive flow will consume it.

The negative needs it to find a way out.

The average and even the above average human will never know what to do with so much positive energy or “reward”.

This is a fire, waiting to happen. Unify some common sense.

Too much “YAY” equals “OUCHIE”.

Too much “ouchie” will only equal “yay” when it blows up in your face and you happen to harness that explosive power. You need to be there for that. One must attain the lesson at all costs. Failure or instability is the only way to counter balance “the” power.

One pushes the other, magnetically it seems.

“Ouchie will only equal “yay” when it is almost too late and you managed to survive with a lesson.

When does a human decide to unify independently?

That is a way to break the mold and get some actual use out of what otherwise, is a faulty human word or fallacy of reality.  An accrual failure; imaginary, once again an imaginary human “bleh”, that means nothing to everything and everything to only ONE at a time.

Unity is a great word, a great idea, a great concept, a great vision for the future of a confused and forcefully hive minded species; because of these facts, it is a woeful and often war-full state of judgment. Unified humans are a dangerously weak and surface level strong clan.

The chocolate fans will harass the yellowcake fans and the red velvets will bully the coconutters, who may or may not get along with the chocolateers. Then of course you have the really bogus types who lie about everything to avoid conflict; we all know that the social lie is an ingredient paramount to the recipe for aggravation and dissent amongst like-minded gatherings.  

No one is raising their hands and razing their armies for “Tuna Flavored Cake”… where in social unity or any type; is there a tuna enthusiast who will not be able to adapt to the wholesale ban of fish flavored cake icing? How many times were YOU assout, when no one wanted anchovies on the pizza, but you had to settle for a majority voted flavor that was, in your opinion “the worst”?

One pushes the other, it seems.

Where is the advocate for health that insists pizza is killing humanity? I can see millions of voters shoving each other over trying to appeal that load. Try taking MY pizza!

Unify your damn self.

Unity is for those who have no interest in sharing, but rather controlling, for no less than the “overall safety” of the camp. The curtain of control droops over all in unison; when in all actuality alcohol (for example) simultaneously, negatively and positively affects humans over the age of acceptable consumption too, if not more so. The laws of the camp are in place however.

Oh! We have to wait until they can drive to give them booze, duh!

Try taking it away in such a unified society; HIStory has a few chapters of that malarkey for you as well…tea too…coffee and tobacco also…and anything else imaginable that a human could get worrisome over if their neighbor was to be in surplus over them.

Tell the world to stop everything as you would; join an activist group to unify the cause…and effects.

One cause comes with a plethora of effects never, ever the other way around; mostly things you will label as problematic and use as a fine garnish or synthetic prop for your cake.

“You can’t tell me what to do”

Yes; what a famous line.

Oh, you mean the regulations of the unity that you supported!?

Trouble, trouble, trouble.

This is what happens when too much “good” or “juice” goes unchecked and begins roaming about trying to find an outlet.

The circuit works, but ONLY according to specifications.

Humans who don’t care, don’t know. Those who don’t know, don’t participate; wittingly.

They must then be “tricked” or “relayed” into the “works”.

There must be a sequence or POW! The unity will short out to the closest available conductor…and that could be YOU at your day job, when call-outs or favoritism gets the better of you.

You try pushing opposite polarities together…

That will work, but you better be able to keep it stable or…

Fight the forced unification and the neutral will cross over and…


 Ka-boom and all of those other cute little textual sound effects!

It is not all bad; we have what “nature” made to copy off of, like an ignorant teen. Don’t act out or be surprised to find that high school chain letter either; the essential example of unity.

Of course good can come from unity obviously; most of us eat a lot of cake.

The fact is that we need each other to survive in a society, in order to perpetuate the species comfortably. Comfort and well-being has taken the place of survival AND unity, in its primitive form of implementation, invented in a dark time where complainers wished, wailed and died and survivors just killed, ate and lied…I reckon things have not changed too, too much.

Society is for the little engines that couldn’t… they grew up too…now there is an overwhelming herd; a stampede of big adult engines with no head gaskets, that can’t.

Who wants that? Who wishes to be inconvenienced by a breath of air? Who needs more of nothing? Who signed up for grass allergies? Who looks forward to suffrages that enable disability and encourages dependence?

There is NO such thing as an accident in this life.

A bond is favored to last in the mind; though humans need to want things to last forever don’t YOU?

Unity perpetuates need once the cause has been reached and realized, yet those in unity are never allowed to be independent ever again. It is a marital commitment; one that must be honored, once chosen to initiate.

I will always protect humanity when the need arises and I am called to unify for a cause… but I am not bringing the cake, nor am I asking for it. I never liked birthday parties anyway. (Why is that not the celebration of a mother as well?)

Happy birthday to you today; no one cares really about when, just as long as it happened.

I need humans to be stronger, so I can rest…

You need a strong ally, don’t you?

Do you want to “save” the world or not!?

I’d need you too if we are doing that, I guess…

Want in both fist’s by FF

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