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What’s For Supper!?

It comes to mind, that one of the most intimate and efficient ways to bring people (or really any living things) together will always be the meal.

Where is my fuel!?

The question an organism asks subconsciously or blatantly on a repetitively regular basis.


Ah, the family table!

It really doesn’t matter what or who’s family; really. This is a powerful tool for keeping groups running like well oiled machines.

The table holds much fable.

I lose myself in thought often, to the power of food; tables. I can bring mortal enemies to silence for a time, with a hot meal, place to sit and provocative conversation.

Let us tame wild beasts over lunch; I have thus been tamed in such a manner!

The prevailing thought seems to be the daily question for so many years; what is for supper?  What am I going to be eating for my evening meal? What is there to eat around here? What do you want? Need?

“Honey! What are we going to feed these birds!?”

What’s for mess/dinner/vittles/supper/lunch/breakfast/brunch/snack/tea/evening tea/second breakfast/coffee has been playing on repeat as the number one greasiest greatest hit for as long as the earth’s been round!

WHAT!? What IS it!!!

I need to know; immediately.

So do you, quit playing… you are AND were interested.

The table helps considerably in this task. Fartfist favors a fine table and our vastly stocked environment to pull from; on to such a wonderful creation of creation to create and eat on.

Sooooo, what’s for dinner?

Not only do we need to know; we need to say no.

There have been many a crusade in my lifetime; questing diligently and obstinately for the idea of a meal that won’t be served until ten hours of other distracting tasks have been deliberated.

I sneer at the infamous and repugnant “cop-out” meal. Don’t you dare make no dern hotdogs and macaroni and cheese for supper; I QUIT! Nevermind, (by my throth! NEVERMIND is a word!).

I’ll eat the slop; and enjoy it. I was just trying to motivate you to live a touch better than that pet food. Even though some of that crud is better than some “people” food… I feel bad feeding that crap to them. Processed food is NOT for supper, dernit!

I would throw a fit if I weren’t hungry as a hostage.

What’s that you’re having? Tuna casserole!?

A well thought out meal which includes multiple vitamin and mineral sources capable of sustaining this train!?


Hm? Foie Gras? I don’t know if I can spell it but, you will find me seated at the table before you get there.

No, Calvin, I did not wash my hands!!!!! Nor do I travel upstairs to do so! Hmpf!

Maybe I would wash them if I was just digging in my ass before the bell; cleaning up brains or snaking drains or what have you… (wink!).

I want momma to scratch up some fried chicken, greens, smashed taters and gravy. That’d be fine by me! N’ some box/can less biscuits too! Shhhhhhh…

.shuck some corn….eat the little hairs…

…tongue smack your damn brains out…

I need meat, grains and something else that grows from the earth’s scalp.

What are we having though? Still haven’t decided yet.

Shoot, it’s late and now you are thinking about box eating again…

I mean; I’ll eat the box food but, you don’t need to help this hamburger.

I can make food out of whatever; it’d be nutritious too!

We can make just rice, a fantastic feast to soothe a beast.

Wheat and rice are like gods of the feast. They are in constant competition with each other to sustain the earth’s beasts. I favor rice when cooking; however breads and pastas are something each person should be afforded, at least the opportunity to know if they love it as much as I do both! They both are an ancient grain that has fed the past generations of all eyes upon these words and beyond. Beloved.

The ability to digest depends upon fiber; I would rather eat a gizzard than have one.

We could eat leftovers I guess… that is nice, awesome and terrible. Next day chili is another animal entirely…leftover fried chicken is criminal. Leftover soup is a blessing. Some dishes require it, like riceballs or marinated meats, stews, haggis, kimchi, some casseroles… Next day can make all the difference at times, really. Next day fast food makes me want to eat gravel or pill bugs! Heck! Some “first day” fast food will make one feeble. Get enough of that crammed in you and you become food for the fast…no wonder people fast.

Fasting is medically useful, but these cattle these days act like it’s empowerment. No, as a matter of certainty; the car with no gas does not drive, anywhere. Do what you wish.

Stop playing and formulate a dinner plan. You know you will put something in there.

You will do that, even if you didn’t do anything else today or yesterday or any day. The bell rings over and over and over and over and over. Some would claim they invented food.

This world is a pantry, don’t you tell me that you don’t have anything to feed them youngins! You better get your tail out there and start plucking from branches and rub a few stick together or something! I am ready to eat before the bell and I am poised to sew the seed, starve to feed it and harvest, cook and eat it.

I’ll be damned before anyone within earshot of my table goes without a meal!


Feast! …NO…

Not yet…

Have some manners… you have to figure out what we’re having so we all sides are sated…

GO! Then…

Go out and procure thy ingredients; come and bless thy table with the bounty of existence. Partake in the only still running tradition that speaks a singular language. Be fatted and satisfied by whatever you find upon your plate. Lop it up. Enjoy it. Relish it’s splendor like an animal. Unhinge from the reigns of human frivolity, feast upon what makes you look forward to, what is your primary concern. Take special care; a meal is a sacred thing you know to truly exist tangibly; seconded only to birth or death.


Raise your cups; you will unite and you will eat, you will unite to eat or eat to unite, if that is the last thing you do.

Help yourself, please.

I am.

If that is what it takes to be invited to dinner; so be it.

I feed myself to you every day.

So what are we having?

….seriously…. by Fartfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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