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Let’s Play: No Nose!

We are going to play Fartfist’s “No Nose” game!


In order for you to play we need to establish how’s and why’s and if’s.

If you already know how to play and want to start now please do and have fun! Are you accustomed to relying upon smell in your life? The nose sure doesn’t have the place it used to! Maybe you don’t really know what noses do? Noses are liars too but, not as unreliable as the other guys (eyes, ears, hands…we don’t need to mention mouths…did anyway…); this is a good way to find out for yourself; the truth!

If you think you do not like this and won’t play, you may still enjoy knowing others are having fun and becoming wiser without you and it cost very little to do so. Go trade your time wisely.

How to play No Nose:

  1. Have at least FIVE (5) minutes of available time to spend playing. Remember time is never spent it is only traded. You and I will trade our time with each other. We will also trade that time to the game and the benefits of playing.
  2. One player can play but up to infinity players can play simultaneously. More players = more fun and enlightenment. This game is for all ages. Young children are highly advantageous upon entering gameplay; however the older the player, the more reward when playing No Nose.
  3. Be prepared. Once you begin playing No Nose, you will be left to play under the conditions, as-is. Make sure you can function in your environment with “no nose”. It is recommended to begin staging simple and small environments to get the feel of gameplay.
  4. Cheating is permitted but is still cheating. When a person “cheats” they are only cheating themselves first, then those in the wake of said cheat. You may cheat. Cheating is natural and complies with the rules of No Nose.
  5. Pay attention! When playing No Nose, it is important that you know what is happening around you. Use your hands, eyes, ears; and study each detail of awareness. Bear in mind your own actions and the actions of others. Discover new ways to gain insight at all times. For example: When walking in the park, you can normally smell the poop you stepped in; then you would not track it all over the place now you have the awareness afforded by your nose. When cooking, the nose is an important tool for an experienced and or happy cook-  try omitting this ritual or analyze these situations from the prospective of “No Nose”. Use your wit and intuition to ”smell” what is happening when attempting to interact with your surroundings in a routine setting. Acknowledge the fact that you have taken your capabilities for granted and have grown dull from having them to keep you from certain trials and “educational” experiences. Hold close the notion that only “hard” is giving back and “easy” steals from you like cheating. Focus your attention on attempts, not successes or failures. No nose will teach you valuable lessons in exchange for your time and patience.
  6. The final rule of No Nose:

You must pretend you do not have a NOSE. This does not include any other body part. Advanced players will like to plug their noses entirely, when playing No Nose; safely of course.  Possibly try playing “No Eyes”, “No Ears” or “No Hands” in conjunction or all simultaneously! This increases difficulty and reward. Age also increases on a scale of difficulty correspondent to number. Five years old will be easy and rewards will be small. 99 years old will be difficult (or not) with very high reward. Younger players receive bonus fun as a reward; older players receive bonus enlightenment as a reward for playing No Nose. No amounts of fun or enlightenment are limited, restricted or invalid for any age group. All rewards reflect the individual and the involvement of gameplay.


It is also fun to use your imagination when playing No Nose. Pretend you are an animal, born and survives with no nose. This is also fun to do while attempting to do normally easy things like watching TV or interacting with others. Try playing No Nose in a car, just do it without injuring yourself or others (passenger).  Experiment and try new, purposefully unique and difficult things. Try going to a birthday party without “a nose”, spend time witnessing the events unfold. This will reveal much information to process; you will be surprised on what levels, things develop without “a nose” in public human gatherings! The descent and dissension amongst guests is a truly magical thing to behold with any of the senses. This is a good way to exercise signaling and covert detections from other senses when a certain smell is present. Awareness is at a disadvantage without the nose.

Now that we know how to play…….LET’S DO IT!

I am kind of  advanced, so I will go about my normal routine…..without a NOSE!

Are you ready….set…

Wait… I like my nose….

Let’s just…



(I am proficient at this game. I have conditioned myself to be able to smell very well and am aware of flags from other senses…. In addition to experience with body language; I have a few minor advantages. Thank yourself for playing! Bearing in mind, your safety is priority… [isn’t it?])

(How do I smell?)

Play with yourselves…play with each other, UNITY!

Fartfist’s Games Of Unification By Fartfist

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