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Lingo Bingo

Not just communication.

There are millions of known species capable of that. Known is a loose way to tie a term to it.

That is just the thing that is missing from communication.

What is known, to you?

It boils down to language.

How many methods of clear communication can you fluently command?

This time language is not the end all be all.

It breaks down to mutual understanding. I tap twice for yes and once for no. Do you know Morse code? That is not what that is…I just tap twice for yes and once for no. I know some Morse….I could possibly find it in me to care less, if I searched myself. I never had to talk to the guy.


That’s what you look for; who knows what I’m saying? Who can I understand when their mouth moves? It isn’t even that really; can I read that? Can they read this?

Find yourself a human, at a time and place of inquiry and that will be the first one; inqury that is.

Let’s not pretend like you won’t have expectations based off of how they look or what race they happen to be. You would be less a racist, in my solemnest, humble opinion, if we could just admit that inescapable truth and move on. You will see skin color and race; then hope they speak your language or at least a level of intuition, as to body language; maybe you would judge other things too, who knows. I’d wager you, yourself aren’t even sure how deeply judgment would set in. For all I know, you would avoid confrontations altogether based on appearances and lack of mutual communication capabilities.

It’s your fault too.

Failure to communicate is a sliding spectrum of culpability.

All involved have a responsibility to be diligent towards the effort; or it shall rapidly deteriorate.

The word shall bond the human; spoken or written in the language familiar.

Unity from you to me, words from this artist, add an F and it’s Fartfist.

Unsanity in English.

It won’t matter to me what languages or methods you understand; I will work as hard as you do to learn.

I can navigate and establish basic, primitive understanding in humans who use many different languages.

I love them all, really.





Indian (Hindi, Hindustani or whatever the preferred term is these days)

Spanish (Motherland Spanish, Island and South American dialects too…or whatever you smart people call the variations…Latin folks, Latin. Dead language, my ass…)







(Actual) Real English…tee hee… (Motherland English…how’s that?)

Dutch is fairly new to me…

OH…Macedonian too…

I try, but I am not at all fluent; However, I promise I can full on chat with patient people using these.

Alas, English is my native tongue.

Some languages, in fact most will bear similarities that can help relate words of recognized usage and applications that bridge small gaps in cognizance.

Latin based languages are the easiest for me, obviously. English has Latin roots; which I am sure bed deeper than that. I have little interest in etymology; I find the concept of it intriguing, but it is really a pretty redundant thing, staying too long in the would be’s and could be’s of the past. Sure, it is valuable study, however you won’t find me more interested in that, over learning the meaning of the “word”, according to how it is used actively and predominantly amongst the species.

That will sure-fire pull the bunch in tight niches.

The common speakers will huddle together and stay there. All it takes is a common tongue. Common this and common that! Common to make the rough patches flat.

We need to save that for another sermon.

Once a human being learns a language; instantly doors pop open in the world of men )as in human..Fartfist does not like how men get the front seat on just about any coin term in  the species…that’s just some man bullshit, now ain’t it!?)

It’s all in there; the language, this one especially.

English is a hit, for sure.

“If you want to be lied to properly; speak English”

Such wonderful color to this particular brand of words. I could rattle on for days and months and years (and I have proof) about the whimsical nature of this cunning cult of communication.

Yes, cult.

See how free the language is?

It is a renowned effort to use this particular speak to manipulate the shit out of a soul faster than diarrhea or Sangria.

The humankind flock from all corners of the world to listen, read or demonstrate masterful command over the most diluted language used on the planet. Boy is it a riot.

Fakespeare will drive the motivations of a man(human) to far planks of manipulation, based solely on entertainment, wordplay and drama; and that ding dong has been dead for longer than you could prove.

Notice that word.

Prove…it means more to native speakers than anyone. It is a control, a baseline. It is the point of acceptance versus the truth of events transpired; evidence, proof, indisputable fact, visual and mental confirmation.

Notice those words as well; it is all visual and certainly mental.

I could string a yarn of pretty words all around your neck OR I could just tell you directly.

I have a choice in this tongue; not to say most Latin based languages aren’t peppered with words meant to segregate class, caste and sociology of mass humans.

English is not alone, most people will be people without a tongue; quite literally.

This is the unity.

This, the rock we all sleep on.

We need a reason; don’t ever try and convince me that humans are an innately social species…oh that would be mistaken, for I have fallen at a line of acceptance called proof.

A human is what it is programmed, from development; just like any other sentient species you could name. No more, no less than a programmed routine, from lingo to bingo, all the way to libido. The syntax must be entered in an understood language. One that has been iterated and reiterated to work efficiently with the commands that the platform is limited to. Then, the opportunity to learn must be presented. A stranger (or other animal, strange to you) would sooner strike you than like you, had communication not been a possibility.

Use; that is what a being boils down to. A slate to be filled; to be used at the whimsy of a command or entire string of them.

A word. A line of code. A line of bullsh….I meant, unity, of course!

 English is a fine programming language, indeed!

It is a tangible thing to mostly some…good old (and new) terminologies.

 Another variable in lingo.

Are you from this place or that place that uses this word for that or that word for this?

I wasn’t really asking; I would get it eventually without asking.

Open up….I will get the message; all the way from home.

I will sail the world on the backs of my words.

I have been to distant lands and then shook proverbial hands of men (humans…heh), all the world over and over again, in this fashion.

Stick with me in unity and we shall speak freely in any form or formality.

Just don’t expect me to know what the heck you just said, until you expect yourself to teach.

If I may teach you; surely I may be taught by you.

Words, fluently; from you to me in unity, you see?

Or possibly…

Just Go Back To Sleep!

That’s a goo….that’s goo…
By Fartfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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