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Ballad Of The Boxes

Children with a wig

We can be closer together

The world can be united

When we come together; we have placed a barrier for another

The world will be divided; when the baseline has been set

We can all eat together

We need not eat each other

When we eat together; there is not enough food for another

We may have room for another if we serve the leg of your brother


Your politics will find you together and they will leave you apart

One hundred words of sacred art

Fierceness of a banded heart appears to play the part.

With the tears of all it’s parts

Take the hill and snake the bay; make sure one can have no say

Say what you will and say it loud

Say it with your friends around

Believe it when it’s in the ground

Relieve the wit from all the town

Form your groups and don your troops

Arm them with misguided truth

Sign the forms and dot your tees

Cross your kin and close your eyes; but only if you please

Cheese now with ease and then fall quickly to your knees

When no one else agrees

Oh! Those darn unities!

Worry on the right

Sorry in the middle

Storys; all that’s left

All that’s left is not the middle; the top is what is not and the rights are in the bottom

The fights are left bereft

Or have you already forgot ‘em?

You bite me and I’ll bite you; we’ll bite each other until we find out who we’d like to chew

Vote for you and vote for me; to vote is free, but could you just choose from these two please?

It won’t matter if you know or not; vote the show will never stop

You can be a troubled fiend; with a paper past, that’s clean

You can be a doubled seam; just as long as you’re eighteen

You could be an activist or you could be a flatulent fist

As long as you can stamp your mark; for all it’s worth, we count it first, but only in the dark

If the lights were on; you’d see what side we’re on

Don’t choose at the door

Don’t you lose your seeds inside the core

Don’t you lose the scribbled score

Stay confused inside the ruse

The door to civil war

Over line up in to wind up down under and out by FF

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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