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Equation Of Occasional Logic

One and one is two to be three

Three becomes unity

Four will be six; in pairs to be mixed

Another two to feel the fix

Six becomes nine; pairs still aligned

Betwixt will be three, fairly new to the grind

Ten will make five, trying to stay alive; but then

Nine must find one from another hive to win

Ten will now die and leave five behind

Five will make two, but two may divide

Two is enough to do what we do

Two will be true, only after they do it to you and then

Ten will be fifteen, human

Then again

One and one can equal ten

Numbers confess the fault to the mess that we’re in

Math works when we’re counting, but what if you’re not

It hurts worse than wrath when doubting a lot

Faith does not count the son of a wraith

It only counts the ones that feel safe

It’s so good to be in unity when everyone is counting

It’s no good to be dying when no one is mounting

It does not forgive or give you some padding

One will still live who’ll always be adding; in a state of dying

One will always be trying; in the stead of multiplying

Two will be dying alive

Logically flawless; unable to survive

This, it should not steal your thunder

As long as you remember that zero’s still a number

So long as you’re counting to find what life is about

There’ll always be doubt

Of the ones who do live and don’t have to count

The correct answer is… by FF

One plus one equals you.”


Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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