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One Or All Sports For All

And the crowd certainly goes wild.

Wild; all the way back to animal instinct. Remember that?

The time when humans decided they wanted to be called something better than a being.

Sports have that effect on an animal, no different than an excited dog, tossing its toy in fury, at a moment’s notice.

Sporting events and the act of sport has always been much more than a game. So much more than boredom; more than just a recreational act to perform or an objective of winning. There is also a unifying factor. Really, the act can very rarely be done so, otherwise. There are far more team sports than solo. Not saying that a team sport cannot be played solo or the other way around; where there is a score, there are humans and their tallies.


Huddled in a group of mixed personalities, backgrounds and emotions will be men (genderlessly descript humans); they will all be there for the same, different reasons.

One or all are betting on the odds.

One or all are rigging them.

One or all are having the time of their lives.

One or all are pissed, slam off from loss.

One or all are overjoyed in victory.

One or all don’t care.

One or all are having nostalgic memories.

One or all are there for the physical fitness.

One or all are keeping their brains calibrated with their bodies.

One or all are flexing their decision making skills.

One or all are regretting the lack of them.

One or all are honing their awareness and perception.

One or all are completely oblivious to these factual, live transpondences.

One or all are focused primarily on the numbers (on another seemingly endless list of motives).

One or all involved are very certainly getting something out of the experience.

One or all of them are there for the one or only reason humans do anything.

One or all of them are testing the limits, or witnessing the threshold of human ability; as it happens.

In real, very real time; sports attract the capable, old and new heroes of the race. They will be spotlighted and pitted against each other to show the world what they are made of, to reveal the very best of the best…potentially.

The sporting event is like a beacon to the world, which allows people to have a chance to be hallowed and worshiped as one or all of the greatest humans in history.

The arena of indisputable meddle.

It won’t matter if its crochet- Those needles will be legendary.

It’s a resume, in the flesh. A testament of competence. A club membership into the halls of everlasting glory.

So many have ridden a single accomplishment, a single trophy into posh social status. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker if one or all of them were ogres with intelligence quotients they could fit on fingers.

Just smile.


The managers; one or all.

The staff; one or all.

The vendors; one or all.

The media; one or all.

The players; one or all.

The fans; one and all.

And all and all and all.

Strategy, planning, training, effort; one or all.

No human can match unity.

There is a person who never sleeps; they are your biggest fan and you are their hero.

One or all.

They are going to grow inside your shadow and if they do a good job; guess what?!

There goes your record.

You weren’t the only one to fly.

You weren’t the only one to run.

You were not the only one to die.

You are one or all.

There is; out there somewhere, a person, a sleeping giant so shy to be woke.

One or all.

They will hide in mediocrity so pleasurably until a zealous scout, plucks them from the world roster and recruits the timid, humble monster of humanity.

This is all a sport, in and of.

The game is to win and losing only makes you win when you work.

Oh how like life, when you play with a ball.

You play with a ball and unite one or all.


The only way to divide in unity.

If there were no balls or sports there would be more walls in our court.

War is a sport.

A sport for human rapport.

For one and all; even the uninvolved.

That is how they evolve; one and/or all.

One by FF

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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