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The ??????? Of The ???????



What is it?


What am I reading?

The ??????? is compelling.

It is a ??????? and the ???????, both at once.

It is UNITY!

The ??????? of a thing; it will be our common quest. We can go forward into the ???????, together. I have been in it’s wake; since birth, it seems it is a ???????, that it should choose me. You too, you see?


What is under that which is ????????

Have you seen it’s truest form; a state that should reveal it’s ????????

So many ???????! I see them also, but oh how they are apparent; it seems that they are still ???????.

You know what to call it, but not at all; it is that, your personal ???????. It can be sought in unity, ???????, it is yours alone. I, for your sake am not as ??????? by ???????. That is an area of ??????? for this particular traveler towards unsanity.

Oh, but make no ???????, yours will always remain an inconspicuous ??????? to myself; a simple ???????.

You may know me as I do you; inside the realm of ??????? too.

A cloud, if you must; just the bust of a fuss to one as such, nothing much to one of us, mysterious.

??????? as thus.

Why rush into what compels us, when it is just a ???????, to us. Not so much a ??????? as it is a ???????.

Why, it is all the same to us…me; when I ??????? for us, you lose your voice. That’s enough for me but, not for us.

My fear, what comes so dear; ever clear ??????? of wondrous lust for the ponderous.

Such the ??????? and such the ???????!

I won’t ??????? you any longer; for the moment.

This, it shall unify all of the ???????.

Discover the _______ by ________

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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