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Love And Unity (Get It Out There)

Oh what a sentiment!

How like a story; how like a book or a manuscript of sentient, fleshy origin.

How unlike life… and alike no other in this life.

Love is a cause that will conscript the minds, bodies and souls of any mortal being, with an involuntary obligation and rogation without representation. It is a programming that is executed and iterated the same; by the chemical control circuitry inside us all.

Love, oh sweet and sour ambition for contact; be it in any of it’s many coercive forms.

This is a topic words have been piled upon in a most generously ceaseless way; heaped and crowded. Nuzzled and nurtured; muzzled and sutured. Famed and trained or altogether maimed; then acclaimed. The act of addition to this already beaten and dried corpse of literary redundancy is completely unnecessary; doing so could be considered similar to offering the world a glass of water amidst the pouring rain or asking the driver of a comfortable sedan a ride on your bicycle handlebars, on stretches of open road, in the desert. No one is looting the treasure of an overfilled chest; it is given at this point; all so, by the minds and deliberations of countless lovers or scorned seeker of its comfort and the hordes of others, naming it an emotion.

You have been there and done that; in the event that you have not, it will take it’s hold at some point, along your journey if you live a full cycle.

The words flutter just as menacingly as the feelings.

A menace is not always what it seems until perspectives shift the curtain to reveal the small frame behind the large force that drives a person to the point of attraction. What words that may go into print that exclaim the ever so positive, fluffy cloud of love’s divine protection will be that of a single angle to a multifaceted gem; that is chaotic and often wildly burning like fire, the often accompaniment of menacing evil. The passions of that great, bright and beautiful flame shall burn the hand that tends too eagerly; it shall tame the wills of the unsure or skittish and those who would whence at it’s frequent flicker for feeling. Anything to prove the iron in the fire; so that it may be hardened by the cold to come.

In the name and sake of it; love.


The thoughts before puberty when brought before nudity.

Innocent stops of what ought to be scrutiny.

The caught before duty; so fraught in it’s rhapsody.

What implores humanity if not the love for affinity?

The love that is given thee and the pox of virginity.

Filled with serenity of those who killed it’s validity, in it’s proximity.

The will to live selflessly for the selves of our helpless glee.

The shelves of infinity for those with it’s energy.

Table for two, for coffee or tea; may see a few in love with their worst enemy.

Its all up to you who’s above in your head, of course; it’s practically free.

Some are simply in love with their bed and that would be bliss, so wishfully.

Two or a slew in bed with you; as long as you’re good with the worst of the best, so whimsically.

Some can and do want it to be too, just so painfully.

Some will love in chastity; some will sing the song of poetry.

So everything; wee!

So many thoughts of the end while in the beginning of the party.

A warning or alarming of the trimmings of it’s charming, yet tardy welcoming army.

A lust to adore you and me or hardly a smarmy glace at our anatomy.

A time to be hardy, a time to be rough; a time to be bluffed and a time to be slimy.

A chance for ignoring the dance of the horny.

There’s a chance for it’s mourning as equal as the one of it’s glory.

The story amore.

The bores of it’s foray.

The chores of those who say “horray!” at the blows of it’s array.

The arms of it’s parley and the harms of it’s allay.

So many words and charms have stayed the course of it’s warm prey.

The worst will delay for what endures all the way.

The curse of the kiss; so dear to us or the force of it’s slay, from so far away.

Of course it is missed by they who will stay for the kiss; but, that is all they hardly had to say.

It’s always been this way; above what is new to see or a dove only true to thee.

We must have glad company when in love and unity.

It’s all in admiration by that hot, stark sensation in a Fart’s imagination

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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