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Gettin’ By Pie

Not this paycheck!!!!!

How am I going to make something bountiful out of grocery scraps!?

This is a seldom question with frequent answers.

I don’t like grocery stores; they make humans fat and stupid, in terms of being able to know what food truly means. I cannot express in words, the sanctity of food, water and sustenance for the entire organic mechanism. It must be fueled with efficiency; but why not in circumstances of surplus? When all the ingredients to all the earth’s home cooked meals are at your disposal; all in one climate, one place where so many things cannot be obtained naturally? Who would knowingly invite themselves to so many dependant scenarios, to the point when your body and mind become accustomed to a “noun” from another town where the sun never goes down? You will die, in this place with no trace of your vice.

So eat!

Eat what lives down the street.

Eat the things growing by the grossest and the closest creek.

There has got to be some food; not to be rude, I try to be discreet, but I always plan a meal starting with the choicest meat.

Not cruel or crude; I a fan of the animal and choose not to use the attitude of a cannibal or something terrible, that’s not this kind of mood.

I remember food.

You just had rice and some potatoes….there were hamburgers involved.

Where’s that garden; no harvest?

I guess we have to try to get by with this mess.

I shall do my best; always never remember to forget this, I am The Fartfist.

A fart just, does not come from a smart gust; in part, does but it happens when you digest.

Why guess when the fart can say it blessed with the wise context of the contents in the breakfast.

It is time for some get by pie, so I need to you check that list.

One. Do you have an oven? Does it have a dish that you can put all of the fun in?

Two. Do you have a meat? It doesn’t need to be brand name or new; it’s not the same and it would be better if you do! (Your body is not complete without it’s meat.)

Three. Lemme see, do you have a vegetable medley? That would be a treat, but if all you have is a beet then that’s sweet we can eat on me.

Four. There are only a few more but you have to be sure you have some rice or some flour. What’s more, if you want to up the score you might adore some salt and pepper and some baking powder.

Five. It’s prize to thrive on get by pie, it’s about more than survival or just staying alive. It’s about the rhythm of the things inside and how you can abide life’s supply design with very little in the hive. (It’s right outside!)

Six. Enough tricks. Let me nip this and let you witness delicious.

Now get that dish and put the veggies in it.

Then pack that in, and get the meat in and spread it thin enough to fit the top crust in.

Without rushing, mix the grains in a bowl with a little bit of liquid, but don’t mix it too vicious.

All along you could have had your spice on; now is the last chance to add the sazon.

All you need then is patience and pour the pancake mix on the shit you managed to get in the baking dish.

Don’t get your bits in a twist if you ruin it; experience is a part of the reason that you’re doing this.

You’re doing it; now in middle of the oven is where you’re putting it.

You’re doing well even if you don’t have an oven; a watched hot pot with a cover is it’s distant cousin or you could wipe the dust off an old Dutch oven.

It’s a brief baker so don’t rest ever; especially if you used the rest of the leftovers.

 It’s a neat savoir to a feat that seems unfair; yet remember the favor of fairness is always in the fist of the beholder and their remised behavior to what they can’t shoulder.

Just be glad that you had something to do with it and eat it before it gets any colder.

A famous dish might get hits and little bites of the sky; but I can’t count the times I’ve cooked this getting by pie just to get by or if I decide to buy instead of improvise.

 I mount the plies in stout fitness with shockwaves of greatness and that’s why my get by pie will always fly, as strength as my witness; think past the plate and sit, dine on of one of my timeless greatest hits.

Not much shit; but I can still take a hot shit by Fartfist


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