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Questionable Stromboli

Is this technically Stromboli!?

Would it matter, one way or the other if it is or is not?

Have you ever made Stromboli?

Do you have “pizza dough”?

Did you make it yourself or buy it from a store?

Did you dust flour on a large, solid, flat surface?

Did you roll it out flat, like a perfect, thin rectangle?

Did you use a thinly spread layer of homemade or store bought tomato sauce?

Did you even use sauce, or did you put it on the side, for dipping?

Did you use cheese sauce?

Do you mind if I just use a simple tomato sauce?

What do you normally enjoy on your pizza?

Would you like it if we use my favorites?

Do you like the sound of pepperoni, pastrami, bell pepper, mushroom, black olive, onion, provolone, mozzarella, parmesan?

Do you like fine chopped toppings or thick chunks?

You have any butter?

Go ahead and spread that on the pan and dust it with flour, will you?

Do you start allying toppings in layers from the left to right?

Do you mind if I dust it entirely, before we roll it up?

Do you want to roll it or should I?

Do you go from the short end of the rectangle and roll gently, but tight until you reach the end?

Do you do that on a separate surface, like I do?

Or do you roll it right on the pan?

You do have a baking sheet and an oven right?

Have you ever done this on a range, skillet or fire?

Have we managed to get it on the pan and situated sitting center and pretty?

Did you cut three slits, perpendicularly along the top?

Did you preheat the oven to three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit?

Do you use Celsius?

Can you manage to convert that without my telling you how?

Did you put your beautiful baby in already?

Did you already melt some butter in a small dish with diced garlic or powder and grated parmesan?

Did you mix and prepare that ahead of time?

Do you wait for it to cook until risen, before brushing your butter mixture on top?

Did you extremely lightly dust the top with salt after that?

Did your mouth water and emotions rise with your marvelous creation?

Doesn’t that smell so fantastical?

Do you time yours or do you let your nose and eyes tell you when to remove it from the oven?

Do you mind if I do it the way I am accustomed and go with our senses?

Do you like yours a little under done too?

Is your tongue smacking your brains out yet?

Do you want to pair this with some burgundy and raw fresh salad?


Want some spicy marinara on the side?



Blue cheese?

Store brand ranch dressing?

You going to check that Stromboli?

Can I have the big piece!?

Are you going to finish that!?

Would you excuse me?

Do you mind if I go get something?

Have room for this apple cinnamon Stromboli?

What about this chicken alfredo, artichoke, spinach, mushroom and feta Stromboli?

 Do you ever have leftover?

Would it surprise you if I told you that I have never had that opportunity?

Have you ever made a quality, quasi-questionable, quaint, simple Stromboli before?

Will you now?

Need my help?

Can you take it from here?

You shy of practice?

Are you aware that you missed; or miss, something like this that hits just like bits of bliss pitched past your lips to your stomach’s acid?

Do you get the hook or the gist?

Have you ever cooked with a fist?

Is that a look of mischief?

Would you like to ask a question?

Question? There’s only one comment section and that’s this by Fartfist

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I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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