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That Cabbage Stuff

A sentence of hunger.

A sentence to live by.

“One must prepare to eat, in order to consume it; what has made you.”

You and your food share a special bond, like no other.

What is it that you will eat that has not already made you the person that has made the meal, all before you eat it?

The trials to sustain will often be more wholesome and rewarding than the nourishments thereafter.

Remember what was fed to you; as you feed yourself the ingredients to that stew inside your personal world, the only world you may save from starvation.

The only world one can save is the world inside each individual’s perspective; not stomach.

Eat; do so and make the hunger your ally in the pantry of your own reality.

There is always ever only one mouth to feed there.

You cannot feed anything with your mouth and inkwell open.

Share what you eat, knowing that the hungry shall not eat your journey to obtain it.

Your food does not sate a hungry mind until it is minded by what fed your appetite.

Eat; it shall not last if it is last.

Thank yourself.

“What was that….that…you know, your mother made it…”

“What? Vegetables from a can and mechanically processed, chow mien noodles!?”

“No…no…that stuff with….it had rice and tomato soup and cabbage…”

“Oh! That was good, wasn’t it?!”

“Yeah, I couldn’t get enough, last time!”

“I know! It was so delicious…”

“What did she call it, again?”

“She doesn’t even know…”

“It’s that cabbage stuff; there’s never names for meals your genuine hunger doesn’t question.”

“No one thought to name it if they didn’t need to sell it to a skeptic human; without the ability to feed oneself.”

“I want THAT, for supper!”

“What? Unearned confidence, skepticism or peerless judgment smothered consumership, paired with over glazed and malnourished, picky human!?”

“Seriously…I’m hungry.”


“Okay….how did it go again…?”

“We need a head of cabbage then…we don’t have any.”

“I will go get what we need; just make me a list…”

“Sounds good.”


One Hot House Cabbage

Small Box Instantly Depressing Rice

Can Of (As Far As You Know) Diced Tomatoes

Two Cans Of Fake Tomato Soup

Pound Of Ground Beef (Pink Slime)

Pound Of Cheddar Cheese (S.P.A.C.)

Yellow Onion (The cheap ones; no better than the ones growing freely outside)

“Do we still have that big casserole dish??”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t fit in our oven….”

“Fucking humans….”

“Let’s just order pizza….”


“Oh I am making that cabbage stuff!”

“What did you get from that pizza that the owner of that company didn’t rob from you when you asked them to feed you!?”

“Heeey, that’s not right; they have to eat too!”

“Well good; It’s alright I guess, I don’t mean any harm…they can eat their own pizza, then!”

“But….we don’t… have aluminum foil either.”

“HUH!? Neither does the pizza place!!!”

“Go… get the stuff…we’re making that stuff!”


“Where there’s a will….there’s a way!”

You know, with the tomatoes and cabbage… By FF
…it’s tomato soup… or did we use spaghetti sauce last time…

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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