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Pasta Salad

The best thing about pasta salad is that everyone makes it differently.

When there is a recipe, to be followed; it seems no one will stick to the plan.

This is a wonderful phenomenon.

That is the true nature of a salad!

It does get better than that; what is inside that hat!?.

A spectrum of differences.

Who is what and how normal is that? What shall be the baseline of normalcy? Why is normalcy a word and somehow in conjunction with it’s popular use, “nevermind” cannot leave the lip’s pen without err?

The many quirks and quips of the plenty trips in human judgments.

Everyone’s a critic; everyone is a hypocrite, in human minds and salad.

There truly are no two salads the same.

There will be person in the produce.

Toss about, the parts and pieces which speak the least about the parts and more about the species.

You can find out who you are; who you are dating/friends with/married to.

If there is a variable in human differences, individually contrasted between them; it will be found in a salad bowl of simply what you can feed them.

That is not all… that is a modest distraction; imposter to a “better” truth.

It is what they/you/us/we feed ourselves!

When left to our devices; what are we putting in the bowl? How is it sorted? Chopped? Sliced? Diced? Chunked? Topped? Smothered? Covered? Capped?

No, you are mistaken- this is not a habitat for the waffle community…

This is a salad.

One that I, the great and powerful Fartfist; is about to include pasta.


Take me in!


Taste me!

Savor me!

Come now!

Come; take in the sociological, psycho salad composition!

Know me; know my salad, friends!

I shall tempt you and no longer; BEHOLD!


…it IS… Pasta Salad!!!!

Fartfist’s Formal Pasta Salad ~Please Reply~ Invitation List:

Madame Garden Rotini

Mr. and Mrs. Pepperjack and SharpCheddar Cheese

Sir Parmesan Esquire

Little Miss Pepperoni

Mister Purple Onion

Monsieur Cucumber

The Brothers, Olive; Green and Black

Senor Tomato and his Plus One

Doctor Radish and his Plus One

Sister Celery and The Children Of The Chive

Young Master, Cornlet

When Madame Rotini arrives boiling hot (as she should do so punctually); she just likes to chill.

The family, cheese will need their own cubicle.

Sir Parm is a shredding good time.

Little Miss Pep, well; she winds up in all quarters, by the end of the night!

Mr. Onion likes a fine mince of things.

The flamboyant cucumber will likely be somewhat dicey, throughout the evening.

The Bros. Olive always share an even slice on things; they are very straight up and bold!

Senor Tomato, will undoubtedly bring along a very gorgeous date; he likes them voluptuously chunky and fair. They are sure to pair!

Oh, the good Dr. Radish and his will slice the floor, when they waltz in with all their little coins!

It may get a bit choppy when strict Sister Celery and the mis-chive-ous children arrive.

Finally, young Master Cornlet may or may not show; although sometimes I wish he would at least send some coins, alike the good Doctor.

Oh, don’t worry at all; we have concession.

There will be ample grocery brand Italian dressing; mayhaps some zest!

We shall mingle in this spirit!

We shall, “chill” in this assortment of merriment and communion!

And chill, we must!

You don’t want the Fist to fuss!

Carry on!

Merrily yawn, the awesome ballad!

Diagnosis, invalid!

Verily hostage to a flawless Pasta Salad!

In different’s by Farfist


Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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