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Fast Fried Okra

Directly from the stalk to the block!

No finer fried okra has been mastered, otherwise.

This has been tried and situated, improvised and even triturated!

Nothing else is satisfactory, once the body has consumed it in this manner.


Start your okra seedlings in a bowl, with very little milk for twelve hours.

Remove seeds and place in dark soil about finger deep. This must be an area with direct sunlight and distanced two foot lengths away from other crops.

Water evenly and gently; early mornings and after noon, ensuring other vegetation is not crippling the immediate area.

Do this until finger length okras can be seen stalking up. Do not worry if you have never done this; part of the experience shall always be acquisition of thy meals, in such a thoughtful and engaging way. This shall be your finest benefit in any meal, second to living.

Just be loving and patient with your new okra babies and after a week or two, you may get to meet them for the very first time; as they sprout up and look to the sky for answers for their own, innermost longings.  

If you do not address them; they may not be so eager and become shy.


Make small talk with your children! Conversation!

They will grow to be full of your own heart; before your body is fueled and they’ve done their part.

It is shameful to eat under stimulated vegetables!!


Why even grow them!


Go to the store and buy your frozen pre breaded okra!

Buy it and you will have sold yourself short.

Who knows, maybe you just can’t and you give up…. Maybe you are “too busy”… maybe you are fried…

…or fired…

That you are; I would not employ one who does not take care of themselves.

You are fired.

You may stop reading now.

We are going in different directions, it seems.

I will finish what I started…

Are they shoots yet!?

You get those weeds and grass sorted!?

We have time… it’s going to be awhile. Well, by comparison to other summer vegetables; okra grows quickly. I hope you have other food to cook for the time being!

If you have this part under your belt, we can move on…

Are you getting all smart now? Now a bit big in the britches, are we? I show you how to eat and you will forever be responsible for your own; by own, your own choices to care.

I am moving on….see that…

…still going…

We didn’t stop to hash out your chances of survival…

You are on your own.

Notice how I continue to provide information as to the acquisition of fried okra.

I enjoy it; very much, so.

This is an annual favorite, when for a short time each year; it becomes ideal in my current climate.

 It brings memories of the past along.

It unties the bond to human foolishness. The acts of human civilization can go also, to the past. This is a meeting place of old. So long, before the time when time wasted everyone’s time, every time they check the time; from time to time, time after time after time.


Were they happy this morning!?

I admit; no okra grows here, at this time.

I am firing myself…

I am fortunate to have had the many years of experience; so that I may record such practices to be used to feed others!

Your cat likes it too.

Of course your dog will eat it…

Don’t feed them your fried foods very often… they will become dependent upon them as you have.

This is why the earth will feed you like the mother who will certainly know best.

She gave you this, during this period; so that you may enjoy, be nourished… and then she will take it away from you when you have had enough. All things are trouble without moderation of intake.

What a strange human you are.

Don’t fret; I was just thinking the same thing…


Go and harvest the babies!

They mustn’t be allowed to mature, under our care!

They will become ornery, obstinate and stringy…they will be fit for seed, but shit for feed.

They will need a bath, once they have been cut from stem.


With great care, remove the tops and tips; but not too much hip!

Don’chu gimme no lip!

These will need to be at ambient temperature.

You must use lard. Even if you cannot work it off.

Okay, you can use vegetable shortening… I do…

Need, need, need clean fat.

The grease will require preheating to….HOT!

How does that work for you?

Listen to what your grease has to say and you shall make it through the day.

It will squelch and hiss when it wants food.

It hates water; get that out of here.

The okras are washed, dried and then cross-cut sliced into thumbnail sized pieces.

Retrieve flour!

Corn meal!

Who is ready to grow wheat and corn!?!?!?!

Nah, I will spare you… I will you to have some.

That isn’t my problem is it?

I have extremely high hopes for you; you can do it.

Find some salt and pepper too.

Peppercorns…I like saying that…why, yes I did.

Give those a shot.

Accumulate and return to me.

I shall be here….not putting me next to fire or ravenous goats…

You have these things?

Oh, good, I was beginning to and am starting without you; you know the drill!

You do realize we are making fried okra don’t you?

The cutting and the dousing will need to take place with haste.

After slicing, place the okra nibbles into your flour/cornmeal/salt/pepper mixture.

If you need me to tell you how much of this and that to use…well, you are again, fired.

What other than failure will yield the accurate counter measures!?

This is law.

I will hire you again, once you reflect upon my wisdom.

Then you shall know fried okra…


You shall know…

To toss them lightly, without touching them too strongly; tapping thy finger tips upon them very fast and light as you allow their natural enzymes to take in the grains.


Stop! You are again, very, very fired.

They will only want to play for a short time or they shall become sticky and you will fail miserably.

The grease has spoken!


Finger them into the grease with ease.

Do not harass them!

Let them fry for a few….however long it takes to change their color to a light yellowish brown. This is also a good time to listen to what they are talking about; the okras and grease.

They want you to make them float in mid-grease as you turn them, so that you never, ever touch them; that is not what we are going to do, because they don’t realize you are not a master yet!

If you have enough grease; you can create waves that flip the “readies” if you stir with finesse.

The key is to use an amount of grease that would prevent their floating, however.

This should be fun for you….burnt okra tastes okay… hehehe…

Ahhh! The days past never tasted so addicting!

Mine tastes perfect; rare a thing in this life can be aptly labeled so.

If you plan this on the side of a more sutable provider of sustainance, you will need to time this appropriately; as the consumption of cold grease is like bashing yourself in the face with a hammer.

You never enjoy that.

Not once.

Not if I cooked that hammer!

Now you know how to make fried okra happen; knowledge is only entertainment if you cannot or will not apply it.


I shared! See!?

Go fry your own okra!

…and tell ‘em Fartfist sent ya!

…seriously… I haven’t seen them in ages…they have something of mine…

The Past by Fartfist’s Okra

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I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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