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Dinner Is Ruined

“I am only this good at fixing things, because I am even better at breaking them.”
~Quoth The Fartfist (More)



It’s…it…it’s just ruined!

If you look in a dictionary, this word has an awful past.

I say awful; you say what you say, the “world” will assume what they consider to be the most taught and recognized version of an assortment of sounds that dictate meanings.

Far too many of them to be useful, that is to context; without help from others.

The word “ruin” is ruined.

Words in general are, when strictly limited to mentalities that discriminate usage.

No one shall ever know what on Earth you babble on about without some form of “common”.

I say dog; you think animal or pet….until I say “Don’t dog me.”

YOU needed that.

The facts are; it isn’t my problem when casting words into the void of human conception. I understand, just fine. I see no granted issue, errata errors, and remorseful rue of regret or eminent, immanent doom.

What’s that?

You want me to spend over thirty years, consciously studying, learning and experiencing life; then write, based from the accrued data and vocabulary… THEN, give more words to help you understand something you wouldn’t understand unless you actually first-hand experienced it?

Seems the word ruined can be applied here; oh, but ruined grammar or “order” or ruined “logic” or ruined “perspectives” would ruin someone’s day wouldn’t it?

It, over time becomes apparent that “ruined” is just another contextual nightmare of opinionated alignment! One that also ties back into the fable of morality. What is “good” in your gaze is “bad” in ways to other good humies!

What exactly had I promised to deliver?

I promise I am not reading YOUR books (or anyone else’s).

I am quite certain I decided to dedicate Volume Nine of Unsanity to food…

You have the job of deciding what manner of conjecture you subject yourself to; be it, the hallowed gospel of a lie or the mobile, malignant fallacy of truth and the shadow of either! You may be ruined enough to be repaired or fixed enough to be replaced! You could be born during the thirteenth month of the year! On the thirty third day; at seventy o’clock! Who knows; all this time I thought I was normal…I would gather you did too, or rather said you did and didn’t know to tell the truth. Try not to be so you, when you want to be something else; your skin is not a very good hiding place for you to go and discern reality from afar. What standards did YOU invent that best the calendar or the meter stick? Where are YOU in you? I think ruin is a good word for what lies in the truth you think you want or have; to desperately cling to for preservation and more importantly to you, affirmation.

Fine….I agree…it is dead….ruined….now pick an emotion, rebuttal…or both!

Yes, I am certain the pertinence or relevance to cooking is haunting you…I shall curb my literary verbosity, closely. So many gems, trinkets…so many little branches in there; the files may need to be moved before flooding occurs…might get…ruined!

(It works better if you just pretend to understand at first and work yourself into discovery slowly…)

“Dinner is ruined!!!!!!!”

A “good” cook (anyone) will see ruination of one thing and the birth of another.

Bad is just as fake as good is. Just as ruinous as ruin. Just as ruinous as rain, the thing you escape in disdain, what stoked the food chain.

“I burnt it. No one can eat this…it’s ruined.”

Errrrrrt! BRAKES!

First off, what is it?

Is it cheese?

One can do so many wonderful things with burnt cheese; for example, casserole or salad topping, when crushed with toasted and seasoned bread! What about “double dipped and fried potato skins”!? You NEED burnt cheese for this and another nearly endless assortment of other culinary creations!

Is it meat?

One can make excellent sauces from burnt meats! Not to mention some of the greatest pulled pork is made with purposefully burnt rib tips. Try boiling a burnt piece of chicken… it’s a shortcut to a marvelous base for soup (or sauce)!

Is it really carbon or is it just “you brand” of burnt? I like a little “burny” every now and again.

I’ve used burnt toast and lemon to settle my upset stomach if ever ill.

What say your compost?

A charcoaled batch of cupcakes is (could be*) a real treat to the soil, your vegetables grow in!

What was ruined?

Did the top come off the salt shaker?

You may have just made the sequel! You can dilute and proportion tomorrow’s meal, TODAY! Just cut that broth or shred that flora or fauna and come up with an alternative meal.

What was ruined the most was your dispositional advantage while under the assumption you had nothing to worry about!

I didn’t feel I needed to, but dimity!… I WANT to catalog this, what should (by now,) be evident….

Dinner is going to pull through…YOU are ruined by this occurrence!

You can put ice in over sugared tea.

You can sugar an over acidic tomato paste.

You can starch a runny soup.

You can cobbler a collapsed cake (and more).

You can scramble with cheese, a fracked sunny-sider (also more).

You can bread a greasy gravy.

You can milk a clumpy gravy.

You can flour a runny gravy.

You can potato a salty stew.

You can make delicious mixed drinks from runny gelatin.

You can pickle ANYTHING.

You can casserole ANYTHING.

You can pick a different outlook.

You can choose.

I see no meaning in this language, whatsoever.

The meanings will always stay buried under mountains of endless words and intentions, until someone stays at satisfaction with their own levels of understanding they limit themselves to.

Manuscripts and manuals will always be ceaselessly burdened with frivolous “word count”.

You need them, not I.

I have forgotten more words than I know. There are so many. I use the same ones, without regard for the countless others, on standby in vocabulary.

I need ingredients to cook. (often the same ones)

I need parts to repair. (often the same ones)

I need material to build. (often the same ones)

I need air to breathe. (Same air, different “contaminants”)

I need food to eat. (It is all slain life forms; one way or the other, you vegans/cannibals!)

I need to potty. (Like clockwork)

I need sleep. (Most accurate clock in the “world”)

I need readers to write and be read, not very many words.

I suppose the only thing ruined is the illusion of need.

The only thing ruined is an idea of necessity.

Another, “Fig Newton” of the imagination.

You did not ruin the fine dinner; you spent all day to cook for me…

…I ruined it because I “can’t” eat it.

All you have for me is ruined; say you and those who overheard you.

One “cannot” eat words.

Besides, I eat my words RAW, straight from the beast what supplied them; face-to-face.

You prefer to ingest them from a distance. Make sure you get plenty of exercise; eating your knowledge this way… it’s often counter-productive seeing words but never knowing or having felt them.

Thy ingredients to life will also require tasting before ruination no longer is; a constant concern.

These vague words are potentially ruining!

Powerful seasonings… have you ever made curry!? (Nope, forget that packaged curry paste or whatever you were sold).

Words of ruin, in a world of ruin.

Faintly glimmering perspectives; on a carousel of motivating imagery (indifferently “good” or “bad” indefinitely, but certainly inconsequential).

“Oh wooooords! Those darn words!”

These will allude towards learning how to never “ruin” supper, ever again!

That’s the point….that’s why you’re here (I meant reading this particular manuscript.)

Contextamundo dudes. (Look up the word “dude” [any word] in three separate sources; it “needs” to be amended, it too is ruined.)

If I have to spell it all out in “Oxford”; well, your education will have been ruined!

Why bother if you don’t want dinner to be “good”?

Reading words has NEVER and will NEVER (ever) make you a better cook, writer, ditch digger, astrophysicist…ever… (ever…) …err.


“The mistake you evade was the mistake you made.”
~Flatulent Phalanges

You’re ruined by Fartfist

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I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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