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Haiku For Hunger

Food is not yours yet

It belongs to the seasons

Hunger for hunger

Yearn for the onion

The spring will bring the flavor

The scent will show you

Seek the tomato

Summer will make one stronger

The seed is sown twice

Corn is a “colonel”

Fall lasts longer than harvest

Do as it commands

Winter is a rest

The earth goes back to sleep now

Winter is a test

The open mouth eats

Is the wind as hungry too

Closed minds starve to death

The must is the mind

Earth will embrace it’s own food

Closed fist is filling

Eyes see obvious

The stomach knows life’s bounty

Trust only your food

Cooking will free you

Free is not the wind and rain

Cause and effect costs

I grow and harvest

The sun watches it’s garden

We shall be prepared

To the imposter

The moon is not on fire

We will share the sun

Your body is built

The sand was a tall mountain

We are not mountains

Choose your food wisely

The mouth of the sea gives back

Morality lost

Mortality gained

What you give is not water

Your death is food too

Be blessed by yourself

The tree blossoms with some help

You will share your food

Hunger is a right

The snake waits to be hungry

The human needs pain

Confusion is food

The fish do not fear the hook

Schools have more students

Some will be chosen

The bear must choose when to eat

Some will be broken

You are eating you

The rat will eat its babies

Humans always eat

Food or survival

The ants will cook for the queen

Where does your food go

Eat these words humans

The clouds will drink the ocean

I evaporate

you shall hunger less/existence will feed you this/haiku of the Fist
By The Fist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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