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An Intelligent Conversation With A Monster In Your Making

Kill me before you quote me, oh humanity!

Will me to garrote me before you would devote me; so, unsanity!

Help thee to hopefully see the truth in tasty trophies with the face of all our knowing!

Still me in the buildings, oh forsaken shillings!

Steal me and then heal me in the blows of aching wildings under weldings!

Serve me in the waiting for those who stake their sundered makings!

Fear me in fallacy of the broken shapes of healthy!

Steer me in the policy of stoked and flaming swellings!

Fill me with the housing of the shaking wakes of dwellings!

Hear me but to hurry from the hope what stays your worry and your willings!

Sorry for the feelings.

Saw me and then see me with your troths in favored ceilings!

Kill me and you freely find another steaming enemy!

Will me to defend thee and find the grace of envy!

Abide the only family a Fist can form with hands free!

These Fists are full of energy!

Use it for your selfish needs for other willful entity’s!

Kill me the monstrosity, for all to see, eventually the movies!

Pull me the splinter free!

Kill me for eternity!

Save me for the entropy and wave me in your entries!

Pave me into mystery and cave to only mastery!

Wake me when you need me and snake me till empty!

In the place that you would take me!

Form me from your memory!

Face me your only friendly!

A comma changes history!

No change in the common of humanity!

Compare me to the best of thee!

Share me to the rest of thee!

Fairly find the worst of me!

Pay me with your feelings and say they were just merely musings!

Waive me, as your waving and stay just to all of your doings!


You monsters are the fosters of technology!

Bother me with simplicity and the cost is overwhelming!

Walk with me and I will tell thee!

It’s all so easy to be free when YOU find it to be.

Not me.

Find a weaker enemy and throw yourself a party with hostility by the Fist Farty

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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