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A (Perpetual) Time Hostage Crisis

Would you share a few minutes of your time? Do you have the time saved? Are you in any form of hurry, or crisis, involving the tool of time? Did you manage to save enough time to talk to me again? It won’t take much time; not any that you have not already apparently acquired it and prepared to allocate it here, with me.  It seems you’ve done well!

Look! You have succeeded! I would not be able to have this conversation with you, had you not played an integral role! Oh! To have afforded yourself this sacred, fictional resource, posing as a measuring device…or is that the other way around?

This world owes you much, for the time being; this time! We have important business; that is why you are here.

Let us get to work!

Standing over there, is a man who has a job to do.

There; it could be said, there is where it all takes place.

Time is running out and there he stands; unaware, maybe unwilling to care that time is not on his side. He has been there all day, it seems. Not an apparent worry in the world. At the very least, as long as we have been watching him, there; which you and I both know has not been nearly that long.

We have just arrived here, merely within the minute!

Look at the way he just looms comfortably in the space of his mind; I wonder where he came from and why he is here? I know for a fact, he is pushing the limits of his schedule!

What do you think?

Oh? How do I know? Well because it says so here, in my mind; see it? It’s written all over the walls!

“The standing man is a wealthy bureaucrat that has a deadline for his interview with your imagination’s most important person in the world!”

See? There it is. I know you can see it!

I had no idea you were so naturally adept at mind reading AND time travel! You’ve done well!

Why is he just standing there? WHY?

I need you to shed some light, here. I mean to say; what is your take on the matter? I am assuming though; you may stop me at any time if I am wrong…but I would say that time means very much to you and your life depends on it. I would even go as far, to assume that it is considered your most valuable asset in life. I could take it or leave it, but that standing man would leave it as though it were invisible!
Well, in terms of consciousness!

I assume, you know how this all ends, by now.

You do use other aspects of your deductive reasoning to see, right?

You see how this statue of flesh towers there, with no emotional regard or pending urgency?

He must be very focused on something ominous!

How long will he stand there?

What manner of business do you think he is avoiding?

Is he avoiding, or has he any sense of responsibility!? Surely, as a wealthy anybody; one would have pressing obligations. Especially regarding the importance of time and in the perspectives of the person he is meeting. Whom, has become marked essential to “importance”; another value of invisible nature.

You must realize that this is a special circumstance; a severely impactful occurrence, in which life and death is at stake. Why else would this be taken to such a high authorities’ attention!?  That person’s time is more valuable than ours; or anyone STANDING, below their threshold of labeled competence.

I am sure of nothing.

I appreciate your contributions to this overall effortless disregard for time, but we are soon to be out of time! The standing man’s deadline approaches!

When exactly? Is that what you said?

I am not sure, but it must be coming; that is inevitable, right?

Everyone’s time comes!

Even if it really isn’t considered important…you knew that didn’t you?

The clock must be ticking for us, along the way. I just wish I could understand why he just keeps standing there, with no expression.

Well, he seems to be a moderately healthy human; do you think he is attractive? I am unable to judge, I am not you.

Would you approach him? Is that your personality, to do that? Or do you not approach “ugly” people?
Maybe we should.

Be less discriminate in our time, here!

I just want some information, is all; after all, a mind is the only place you can spend information or the time to use it… you already know I am a well respected trader of time; we can barter, with him!

What would you say to that? I am just asking for information; we are going to approach him…you can leave, if you want.

I don’t want you to, per se; I was just indicating your freedoms, as humans seem to appreciate… no harm intended. However, we both know the fate of “good” intentions and “great” expectations! One would be lucky to promote good intention with great result; it would sound more reasonable if one were to lead with great intentions and be satisfied with a merely good expected result. The line of defeat always resides on the grounds of our expectations.

We don’t need to be the same species to share that obvious reality!

I am going to get to the bottom of this elusive mystery; I already know the outcome to!

Come on now, let’s go.

Are you going to stay? I bet you are just as pressed to find answers as I am and equally weighing time into substance!


We both, most certainly have “better” things to do with ours? Or should I say, appropriated?

I love the time we share, but there is only enough time to do one thing at a time. I won’t think less of you if you decide to free yourself and leave me here with him. I can handle him.

You sure?


Let’s go, then! Let’s see what kind of situation is of such importance or obvious lack, thereof…

“Please excuse us sir, hello. I am called Fartfist.”
“Go on, since you are here, you might as well introduce yourself!”


“We wanted to ask you just one short question? Would you comply with our modest request? I apologize for our intrusion, but it seems we all have time to talk, here. *controlled chuckle*”
“I’m sorry, what was that?”

“…don’t move…”

“Okay, we are not… this is a peaceful inquisition.”
Just go along, okay? I promise he will not harm you.”

“This is a robbery!”
“All right!?”
“Give me all of your time, NOW!”
“You too!!!”

“You just stay right there! Don’t give him a second!”
“Sir, I will exchange a moment of minutes with you; same time…I warn you, not to try stealing it. It’s straightforward and honest; just a moment to talk, perhaps?”

“NO! Hurry up! Give me all of it! Stop negotiating! You’re wasting it!”
“You aren’t going anywhere! Hey!”

“Run for it! I will deal with this criminal!”
“GO! You can break free!”

What? Why didn’t you leave? You can’t possibly be concerned about me? The details are becoming clear, here…this villain is psychotically trying to siphon our time!!! We must act. Now we are on a real DEADline! If he takes away ALL of our time, we will certainly perish! Do you have any ideas? What is the solution to this…we are losing time by the second…how is he able to do this!? I cannot break away as easy as It seems you could! There MUST be a way out of this, with our time in tact!?

“I’m not going anywhere until you start forking over… all of your time!”
“I neeeeeeeed it! It is all I have to keep up! The most important person in the world is waiting!!!!!!”
“Give it all to ME!”

I have an idea…hear me out, I think this is our only chance.

If you would like to stay and help; this is what I need you to do…

Stop time.

It can be done! I know you feel as though I am asking too much of you, but I will never ask of you what I haven’t done or won’t. Just follow me!

“Where do you think you can hide….from ME!?”
“Your time is MINE!”

Don’t listen to him, as far as I am concerned he is unequalled at standing without regard for the thing he desires… he will go back to just standing. If he could stand me! I am going to give him mine. All of it; then we shall see how he can stand with all of that time on his shoulders, alone! I have a hunch it will crush him. He will not be able to stand, THIS time. He has no idea what time it is; evidently. I will stay here forever, if I have to. You can use that opportunity to stop him from stealing our time, by stopping time itself. First, I need you to concentrate on me.

“You don’t get a choice! It’s MY time!”
“The first one of you who tries anything is getting it!”

Oh no…not that…

He thinks he is going to put us in “time out”! This is when he will expect us to do so and when we do not, he will retaliate with a tantrum of emotionally charged outbursts to the extent of his ability to imagine he has done any harm to those who would oppose him! There is a slight possibility we could be liquidated of all of our time, IF we get caught in the waves of his pathetic maelstroms! He could wind up hurting someone; robbing time completely, from innocents! We cannot allow this to happen. You won’t want to spend eternity here, so I must stay and you must be the one to stop time; this time!


What are you waiting for!? Do it! Stop time! Do it! This is your last chance to save the world! There is not enough time for you to count it! Just do it! Do you not know what to do!? All you need to do is go back!

“It’s MINE! You can’t choose! It cannot become yours to waste!”

What are you waiting for, instructions!? GO! Go back now! To the beginning of this rift in my mind, where it all started! You can do it, I know you can! You will understand what to do next, when you get back up there! Stop now!

STOP READING, or I will and all will be wasted and the standing man will have won! Is that what you want!?

Stop reading!

Stop, I say!

Go back! Or don’t and lose everything!

It’s never over.

This is your last chance to free yourself! You could; you know that…it’s as simple as walking away and leaving this time crisis behind on a screen or a book’s pages.

I have the power to stop this; but, I have done that already, it’s YOUR time!

You have the power to waste as much time as it takes to see that your actions and effects are what you measure against time. Not it’s fallaciously tangible existence. Your actions and how they suit your expectations.

They can be repeated.

Until you run out of will to perform.

Forever, until this very moment; when you stopped it, all the way to the grave!

The standing man will kill us all, cried humanity!

Thank yourself, for the courage and determination to best time with me; you are indeed heroic!

Since you have made it this far; go now to the beginning and take back the time you wasted to get here.

The standing human is always on time for every moment; every second it takes.

Time is never up; it’s just down to win by Fartfist, and YOU!

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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