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The Thing That Pain Is Not



What you would not do- or not

To feel the thing that pain is not…


How many times?

Have you wondered why?

How many times have you said goodbye?

Looked and you listened

Just to feel the distance

How many times, have you played with fire?

How many, count them-

The times you sit and doubt them

How many times have you prayed and cried?



What are you doing?

Headed for the lesson

Just to ditch the session

Looking for the blessing

In the wrong direction

Oh no!


Don’t listen to me!

I’m just a chap; that learned to take the crap

Just the deacon

Of just the words I’m preaching

I’m just the slinger of my own and only shame!


What’s that thing?

That you want that is not pain?

What’s the shame in just feeling okay?

What’s the shame in happy?

What’s the shame in the place that it came?


What’s it’s name!?

That thing that’s not pain!?

What’s the name of the next person to blame?

OH? What is yours?

The one you take a birth?

What is your label on the face of this Earth?

What makes you proud?

What makes you talk really loud?

What makes you taste the mud and call it dessert?



You man!

I’m talking HU-MAN.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing

It only matters that you felt at all

It won’t matter who takes a fall

It’s a matter that you will feel it all

How many times?

Have you flown from up high?

How many times have you seen the sky?

How many times have you worn a disguise?

How many times have the days just flown by?


The time it rains; brings more than simply pains

It feeds the things, that without it would know pain

Its just a game

Of giving and gain!

What did you say?

What was joy will turn to pain?

I thought that you could not remember it’s name?

Why is it then?

That you even came?


Hum bug!

Go lift up that rug!

Go find the crap that you forgot

Go whine about the things that you still got

Go cry a river, wet

Go fishing for some dinner

Always never

Forget to remember

You’ve got to eat what you catch!



Know what you’re doing?

Its not about the times that you’ll forget

Its about the one that you’re about to get

Thank yourself

And you’ll find the thing, a person or name with a ring

You’ll find the will to live

A reason to just sing

You’ll find a friend

You’ll find another end

You’ll never find the time, if you never begin!

Oh! Whoa!

My little human…

What was that thing?

That thing that wasn’t pain?

Why don’t you give it a name?

Might be unsane

Might say it’s bound to change

Might realize

It’s whatever you say!

The thing…

The thing is…

The thing is…


It’s only human…

The thing that is not pain…

It’s all the same, it goes by any other name

That thing that hurts

 is what gives it acclaim

It just gets worse

When it’s the thing that isn’t pain

If it should grow

Then it’s a thing that knows the rain

Not the thing that isn’t pain.

Happy to feel by Fartfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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