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I’ll Play With You All But, I Work Alone

So many memories and sometimes they’re missing.

So many in me and so many ran out.

I’m fond of your presence and presents you give me.

We’ll go in with a smile and walk out with a shout.

We laugh and we say, everything is okay

We’ll fall in a flash when I bitch and moan.

Yeah, it’s a bash, won’t hurt to be brash.

I’ll play with you all.

But, I work alone.

The cinders are falling and it looks pretty like snow.

While you were bawling, I looked like a foe.

The pennies aren’t much but they sure do add up.

Our memories are calling and the worst will show up.

We were just laughing and carrying on

The woes in a basket to share on the lawn

I don’t think it’s you, when I take the fall.

All I do is sit and wipe spit from my throne.

I’ll play with you all.

But, I work alone.

When the best of us sit and you stand the crap.

All of it sits on one persons lap.

Ever you wonder what come of the best.

You’ll soon discover that they never rest.

I’ll be undercover; flayed back to the bone.

I’ll play with you all.

But, I work alone.

Seeming ain’t seeing and feeling for feelings ain’t best for the being, with so shallow ceilings.

Fleeing the beating when meat tastes agreeing when tendered with shadows or burped like a baby for feelings.

It’s really seeming you stood for the reaming, but took different footing when you started bleeding.

Feel all the feelings

Judge me; the now

If you don’t know my meanings

Stick around for the frowns

Weeping is keeping the stays on your tone

I’ll play with you all

But, I work alone.

One long day with a curtain too small.

I sit and chirp, while you wait for the draw.

You sit where you sit; this stand where you stand

You’ve got a Fist ‘cuz I gave you my hands.

We toil and tumble and sometimes we fall.

It seems we’re all playing and all learn to crawl.

While you were pouting and stayed on your phone.

I wasn’t doubting

We all work alone.

Catch me on good ones and catch me on bad.

Fetch me a memory that you never had.

While you were showing what feelings were chosen.

I was just dealing with ones that were frozen.

If we never felt ‘em then we’ll never thaw.

Why keep the fridge open for all just to moan?

I’ll still play with you all.






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Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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