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In All Fairness

My kingdom for “equality”.

What a sham!

Even if it were more than words; it is an awful mental picture and condemning of individuality.

If such a thing as “fairness” was a reality and not the plight of the weak or wicked, than you would all have lost all of your precious “humanity”. You would not have a face. You would not have ideas. You would not have a “voice”.

Asking the “world” to be fair is like asking a ferocious bear to take a moment in between maulings.

Oh? “Maulings” isn’t a word? Well to be “fair”… it is now!

Asking for fairness is like asking the “Caucasian” humans not to “discover” the Americas! If they were “playing fair” then they would not have raped and pillaged half the Earth, enslaved multiple cultures of humanity or done so historically and claimed it were in all fairness and just. The word “freedom” wouldn’t be used to manipulate masses into subservience.

Religion would be extinct if “fair” was a real condition or state of reality.

Fairness and equality are some of the most influential evils of human creation. Another pair of meaningless words among the thousands of other conveniently persuasive others.

“Fairness” prevents individual empowerment and ability to cope.

I blame no one.

“Blame” is a sister evil to “fair”.

Or should I say, “brother”? That would be technically more appropriate, seeing as how “men” have led the affair of what is and is not “fair”.

Somewhere, long, long ago…more than ONCE upon that fabled time… a male was weaker than the “world” and a female watched it all happen and said “I told you so.” That or another male swatted him away from “his” women! Such clear evidence of human fairness, to boost males above females in a never ending war of gender equality! I would sooner fault the “butt hurt” and incompetent male, long before the indifferent female who is expected to conform no matter who “wins” her!!!!!!!!!

This savagery is not ancient or history; it is actively practiced and has NEVER gave way to “equality” or fairness”! It is preprogrammed in each of you humans!

I get passionate when humans act like perpetual children and call themselves civilized!

You pit yourselves against yourselves and only cry when YOU are failing and this is compounded by the witnesses that YOU fear will see and expose you personal inadequacies! You wait in the shadows to strike at your advantage and then ask of your enemy to be fair in its reprisal.

Fairness is a hidden dagger, waiting to slit the Achilles tendons of the successful survivor; also known as the “predator”.

What becomes of the predatory species that would divide it’s own into both!?

Yes; had you not observed that your species are predatory?

Had you not seen that they will invent words to describe evil and then invent a separate and exclusive set for the individual and segment a portion of itself to become prey?

You geezers will stay on your staves and you snappers will trip over and trust the first cane in the crosswalk! Not before the youth would open up and proclaim it isn’t fair to live in a “world” where pressure explodes and suction siphons. You would say that practiced and honed ability is unfair! You never had a “chance”! You never knew you needed to rely on actions, when words would suffice as a means to control humans.

Only humans.

The bear is not concerned with how fair it is to be shot with a projected ball of lead!? The snake is not minding that you possess the size and strength to grab it and whip it against a tree!? The fish won’t consume their thoughts about your hooks!?

NO, these animals, unlike the human animal- they would rather interject their own “devices” to survive YOU.

I have seen the demise of many human; human!

I have watched the willing fight off the most terrifying odds!

I have seen more humans cower and cry of equality and fairness…under the boot…under the gun…under the tooth; while doing nothing to become stronger.

A human would have expectations of their “worlds”. The very same figments of illusory harmony amongst vying survivors in a world that deals in facts…and facts alone.

The club over the head.

The venom of the fang.

The might of the claw.

The spite of the nimble paw!

Words can be twisted to convolute reality! No amount of speech will feed your hungry children, humie!

No amount of “humanity” will change a human from being a factual animal in the phylum of real Earth!

Genus’s are never geniuses!! Intelligence and prowess is an illusion among the human species! You are all born with the same advantages and hindrances as your “fathers”; the “mothers” are not qualified to be accounted! Or so the human will would make overwhelmingly evident or contest with insistence!

You holster you own kind! Then bolster in your minds, what kind is divine!!!!

Where is your beloved fairness in this obvious observance of mankind?

Who gets to be the hero and who gets to be the villain?

Who’s birthright will usher them into the maw of tidal encumbrance?

Who would swim into the undertow and blame the moon!?

 Is your life so unfair, to have afforded you the air you breathe and the opportunity to act!?

When a single human faces one hundred humans; what could be said of fairness, if one were wielding a deadly viral disease and the hundred were carrying only fists? How would you categorize this imaginary scenario that results in no survivors? Would you imagine that the one was certain the fairness was to be a factor in it’s results? What of the hundred who were undoubtedly sure that all “unarmed” combatants were to surely overcome just one single unarmed threat? The one would have to be sure that no one would live and the hundred would contract fairness from an invisible “weapon”.

How fair would it be that one would slay thousands in this manner; even unwittingly?

Your ideas of this environment are eschewed from reality. Your words are just there for your feelings; yet you would weaponize even those!

So, “Weaponize” is not a word either?? Well NOW it is- one cannot avoid understanding this as it pertains to conversion of tools to weapons!

What defines all of your biddings? What labels your successes? What fronts your campaigns to advertise competence in retaining “alive” status?

What is the NEXT hoop you will construct for the “masses” to either jump through, hurdle or fall short of?

Who do you think actually buys your tantrums in exchange for their own well being?

Is life truly fair?

Where have you lived so long, before Earth- that you would accrue such a fanatic assumption that life was ever anything other than the effects of your causes?

What would you blame next, for your individually personal inadequacies to thrive or in the least, leap from meal to meal, like fleas!?

What planet were you born on?!

Fair is a word of pure cowardess and malice!

Now, we have judgments from your machines…once again to signify that I have used a word that is not in existence! “Cowardess” is NOW a word; officially, as of RIGHT now… and in all fairness, I could actually care less if you wanted me to, if you liked it or not!

If the word fair was ever used to do anything other than persuade- it would surprise me.

I like surprises… just don’t be surprised if I hold a few of my own “surprises” in rebuke!

Your words would stifle your abilities, to the point of inability.

Be or not.


That shouldn’t yield any other question, except one.

“Against what?”

Even this is a purposeful folly!

Questions need to be asked, more than answers need to be affirmed.

An answer will instinctually come, to all opposition to your survival.

What stands in your way?

The “white” humans would answer- “Nothing” and then be named the evil.

I love all human kind, yet “evil” is so often waving and prancing to be noticed as “purity” or to be “just” and “fair”.

You steal from each other behind your devised weaponry and then portend to claim a clause of equality to be fair!?

You are all singing and dancing to the tune of misfortune in a world that is not biased against skin color or “luck”, or any manner of fictional wordplay of socialite weaklings!

I am “evil”; I am so very sure that label would stick- as I use words like “weaklings” and “white or black”.

You are temporary and the willful are permanent!

Do you not see that “evil” is a great hiding place for the competent survivor? DO you not see that “benevolence” is the perfect hiding place for “evil”?


That is what fair is; it is an action!

One that you would counter with all you can muster.

How fair must life be, for you to live comfortably? And how would that bode as equality for the ones opposite your perspectives?

Need I say more?

I am fairly certain…

It wouldn’t be fair, if I did!

Go back to sleep; maybe things will be more fair when you wake up!

Life is magical, like that!

To be fair; I will still exist because I choose it and perform actions to ensure it.

…either way, I’m not a human, so therefore unworthy of your ideas of what teeth feel like sunken into my ankles.

Fair enough?


Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

4 thoughts on “In All Fairness

  1. teeth in the ankles! the image is … atrocious. It’s strange, I totally agree with you – you too have trouble with the prevailing hypocrisy that demands from others what you can’t do yourself? justice, moderation, benevolence: are dues but not deeds. It spoils everything – but it’s the usual….

    Liked by 1 person

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