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The Word

Far off in the distance; is a word.

That word will travel you and all it fall upon to other distant places.

That magic word.

Far off in the distance; a thought what became a word will become a thought.

Chain reactions from thought to words and back to thought.


So close to heart.

This is the part where the heart beat starts.

It’s not; but, it’s the part where you start to know that it works.

It has nothing to do with words.

Or the parts that bring blood to the brain or other parts like hearts.

Today, absurd.

Yesterday. it was blurred.

Tomorrow lies concern for the ones who never heard.

I’m sure you all heard that word.

Rest assured.

There lies a word that you haven’t heard.

The next one what beckons the whole herd.

It’s a blessing or a curse

Better learn to curve

The only bending words do all depends on who.

Who learned to twist and turn the words unheard.

Or who was blistered by the tongue and deserved to be burned.

The word.

Never compare it to a sword.

That’s ridiculous!

Resist the thrust and you give in to the urge.

There’s no riposte to this cut, most would miss the targes.

Pissed targets…

Remised just to be evaded and then press charges.


What flows hard must find an obstacle and it becomes possible that the power can be curbed.

The word.

The human hammer.

No ham in hamburger.

Spam for ransom by handsome hand donors.

Shake the other hand, will ya!


This one! Ahhhh!

The hands will always cover the ass before the face hole.

Wouldn’t want to blow your cover or gas the place for a flaky “MO”.

Bust the front hole just to sneak out the back hole.

They’ve got pills for that though!

Both traps that won’t stay closed.

Too many clothes hanging in the windows?

What about those tadpoles dangling from your assholes?


They’ve got more meds than hash on a MASH episode; just ask the first asshole with an eye for a phone.

Or is it a phone for an eye- I don’t know why you need those, but I’m sure you’re gonna need those when you can’t spell “Mojitos” for your peoples or you want to sport your streetflows but you don’t know how the beat goes…

 It goes on.

At least that’s they spun

Said; when they got it in their heads to delete those to chase the place where the pay goes.

The day goes and the waves chose the wings so they got the whole bird.

The word.

You should compare it to a turd, but that rhyme is too easy; don’t want anything cheesy on the record.

Like a wrecker with a sticker on the bumper that just says the word, “word”.

My word!

The whole world is on Earth!

I didn’t even know that I didn’t need to know; but, it sounded good, so sure!

Pour me another!

Order a whole pitcher and make sure you get your number written in a neat manner or just print it on a piece of paper so we can have a word later.

Just banter.

That’s undercover for no letters but, something better under “the” covers.

You’ll never know unless you holler and the fee is sometimes smaller if the words can’t get it bigger then at worst you did yourself a favor.

The magic of the fervor behind the majesty of letters in the form of a sound that gets slurred by the mouths of the most majestic creatures.

You should compare it to a teacher.

It reaches the far distance of the features held only by the speakers and readers who always get to decide how they treat yours.

Can’t defeat these words.

The word.

It’s mightier than an air force.

It can bring more light OR blight from the heavenly divide- not from God, but from the bay doors of the bomb ports, as they drop words like bald condors from the bold comforts of their ball floors like troubadours or sitting slack on their gold wrapped furniture on the back porch.

It’s that torched- it’s lit like black stores during black Friday with Luther singing a backup variety, on time with hot, church vocals.

While the white knight locals discuss the snide ways to make themselves look worse!

Burning crosses and money faster than a Catholic Church with a gang of gay pastors.

They just couldn’t hang with that girth.

The “bad” words

Social disasters!

The greatest places to hang words are the places you can’t picture.

Oh? Is that racist, are you a victim? …or is that just your decision and words doing their worst to get the worst from the worst places on Earth.

That’s a human heartworm.

Don’t start.

Here comes the best part.

The beat comes before the blood does, cuz.

Don’t say what; because I’ll just say it once.

Next time, it will be in context and no fonts but, a Fist.

The mind is where it fits.

The heart is where it hurts.

Smart shit; go ahead and talk it.

My “worlds” ain’t yours and…

The word is where it bursts until all you see are stars

Emergent wars…

With humans at large and for hire.

Call back the sarge and get some mouth detergent

Mount your dumb librarian empire

Oh, you don’t care?

Won’t need ‘em by the time that you’re done here.

The world will be fine

The words are on fire

The word is where it hurts humans the worse by Fartfist The Orc

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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