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~About Unsanity~

Image portrayal of The Yggdrasilisk from “The Grand Snaggletooth’s Band of Curious Entertainers
*Art and concept created by Fartfist*

“Fartfist has a stable of dead horses; He likes to return to them and beat them frequently.”

Official Fartfist Seal of Approval

“Fartfist: who am I, what am I doing, and where am I? If you find out, let me know…”

Fartfist is a result of it’s environment and exists entirely for it. Most people waft their hands around, waving the foul presence of evil about the air; compounding its effect, so the room notices and panic ensues in the minds of humans. Fartfist means to proverbially reach out, capturing it in a fist and use it when feces exists and no one can smell it. It is an icon of salvation from normality and an ally of immeasurable strength, against those who sway the balance of nature.

Thank you for reading Fartfist’s tales of Unsanity

Unsanity refers to the process of becoming insane.

Follow me, a sane individual, on my trip to insanity.

We all have our spectrum of sanity. We all have our perspective of the condition as well. Let us allow everything in our perspectives to engulf our reality. Fade slowly or plummet deeply into this wondrous realm of imagination. Discover what lies along the path to losing control of your senses. When you find evil, try to make it good. When good prevails, try to make it evil. You will need to find balance in instability. When answers present themselves you must always forget the questions. Forget you have eyes when reading, frequently. Lose track of time and consequence. Free yourself into the void of endless illogical ideas. Stop breathing periodically when you’re trying to gasp for air. Try harder to feel something but never touch it. Taste something sweet or sour, but make sure you never put it in your mouth. Feel the pain of happiness and the joy of sadness. Be sure to smile when you’re feeling angry and frown when you can’t help but laugh. Occasionally, hear the sound of yourself listening to silence. When you are almost there, be glad that you must travel farther than almost- or just turn around sometimes, and go somewhere else. Wherever that is, no doubt it is different than here or there or anywhere. Find yourself and find me, if you can.

It looks like you are ready… or already guilty of committing the natural and adventurous act of Unsanity.

Press some buttons…

What does this button do?? I used to know, but I remembered to forget it.
If you would like to press buttons, this one is a decent button. Be gentle.
If you would like to submit your own unstable literary Unsanities; I like this button for that, I think you will too.

*Please note that Fartfist is predominantly self-educated and therefore has no concept of acceptable grammar or formal writing. Fortunately, the road to insanity has no conception of such things either. The words contained in this creative outlet are intended for your own personal interpretations and mean only to stimulate your own worlds of imagination. Read them with care, and make sure they have meaning. Do not steal Fartfist’s intellectual properties; you would be surprised how one drop of deception can cloud the image of your own life. Fartfist does not want you to live in that way; take care of your conscience. You owe this to yourself- Get lost in his words before you accidentally find out what they really mean. Thank you for reading, I always knew you could do it!*

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