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Unity For Free

The realization that freedom is the prize of unity is astoundingly ironic. What bad can come of two goods? What!? UNITY!? A concept so positive, yet there are those who would risk death to escape its oppression; they will claim another positive and productive state of being. Freedom. The chainless bond to one’s will andContinue reading “Unity For Free”

Another Other You

Have you met yourself yet? Now is a better time than tomorrow and is only bested by yesterday.  Such a paramount discovery, in the quest to become a “whole” one; an integral state of self unification. There are at the least, three of you of every one of you. UNITY! Un-ity! One-ity! Somewhere out there,Continue reading “Another Other You”

Chains Of Blame

Up until this point; the chain has only been as strong as it’s weakest link. That is the going philosophy, but words can be arranged so that any subject is gospel disputation. I do not intend to destroy the chain at it’s flaws or debunk a logical deduction of minor surface quality; no, I meanContinue reading “Chains Of Blame”


~THE FOUR SEASONS OF UNITY~ Winter~ Huddled in warm places to be; snuggled the warned of nature’s cruelty. Troubled, cold winds and faces will freeze; doubled the thin traces of mortality. Come hither now; don’t die old and hungry, so alive, yet cold and lonely. The time of cold shall never grow old and alwaysContinue reading “THE FOUR SEASONS OF UNITY”

Love And Unity (Get It Out There)

Oh what a sentiment! How like a story; how like a book or a manuscript of sentient, fleshy origin. How unlike life… and alike no other in this life. Love is a cause that will conscript the minds, bodies and souls of any mortal being, with an involuntary obligation and rogation without representation. It isContinue reading “Love And Unity (Get It Out There)”

Home Is Where The Fart Is

“This is my house; I can fart if I want to!” You are right about that, indeed. WE certainly can deploy noxious fumes about our own air. This is the place to do it, if there was a place where it was the most welcome. How many have lost themselves to thought, in a clearContinue reading “Home Is Where The Fart Is”

The ??????? Of The ???????

????????????. ?… What is it? This? What am I reading? The ??????? is compelling. It is a ??????? and the ???????, both at once. It is UNITY! The ??????? of a thing; it will be our common quest. We can go forward into the ???????, together. I have been in it’s wake; since birth, itContinue reading “The ??????? Of The ???????”

Pathological Pathways

You then will see, eventually; that human will bends to the paths that they see in front of thee. Stretching free or treacherously, the list goes on most endlessly; paths will be born perpetually. A bet you can stake upon humanity. All it takes is UNITY and a “reason to believe”. Sociopath Psychopath Telepath EmpathContinue reading “Pathological Pathways”

The Riddle Of Unity

Oh, from the air The dusty blast It seems from nowhere Each grain’s past It teems with a glare Bleached from the sun and last rain’s grasp It gleams beyond compare Breeched from above in vast, mundane mass It flings the wand with care Fleet, just like a dove on the reigns of a fastContinue reading “The Riddle Of Unity”

One Or All Sports For All

And the crowd certainly goes wild. Wild; all the way back to animal instinct. Remember that? The time when humans decided they wanted to be called something better than a being. Sports have that effect on an animal, no different than an excited dog, tossing its toy in fury, at a moment’s notice. Sporting eventsContinue reading “One Or All Sports For All”

Equation Of Occasional Logic

One and one is two to be three Three becomes unity Four will be six; in pairs to be mixed Another two to feel the fix Six becomes nine; pairs still aligned Betwixt will be three, fairly new to the grind Ten will make five, trying to stay alive; but then Nine must find oneContinue reading “Equation Of Occasional Logic”

The Whether Channel

“Today’s forecast is looking good folks! We have sunny skies with light cloud cover, followed by patches of what looks like small gusts, popping up periodically; nothing to cancel the cookout over folks, we may have a few showers stroll through in the evening, nothing to worry about, by the time that happens, if atContinue reading “The Whether Channel”

Ballad Of The Boxes

Children with a wig We can be closer together The world can be united When we come together; we have placed a barrier for another The world will be divided; when the baseline has been set We can all eat together We need not eat each other When we eat together; there is not enoughContinue reading “Ballad Of The Boxes”