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~Contact a stranger from the internet~

(The most efficient way to kill a stranger is to introduce yourself)

Feel something when you reach out with the contact information below, or send an electronic letter using the form of amusement. Don’t be a stranger; I may kill you.*

Fartfist implores you to reach out using your own language if not comfortable with this one- whatever language he is using anyway…

Touch yourself:

1 Long Rd.
Euphoria, Comatose 69690

Sorry but no social media links, other than my little birdy friend….the book of faces has banished the fist for not having a picture they liked.

This is being social enough

Please share, you be social

#anyonewhosayshashtag #unearnedselfconfidence #gobacktosleep #hashtag #tillyoureblueintheface #yousoundlazy #thingsshouldntbethiseasyforareason #dothingsthehardway #youwouldntunderstand #thissymbolmakesmewanttoplaytictactoe #doesntthissymbolalreadyhaveapurpose #likeskidmarksinyourunderwear #evengirlshaveskidmarks #Iwantacheeseburger #tonguesmackyobrainsout #IthinkIpoopedem

Your welcome, Thank yourself!

Send Fartfist a Massage:

*Fartfist would like to share that he is not going to kill anyone and If he had to explain it to you, the novelty will have been lost. Thank you for visiting Fartfist today, just remember that if you laugh at some thing dull, no one will take you seriously, but if you don’t, you look like you are not sharp enough to get the joke.

**Fartfist challenges you to reach out for any earthly (or UN-earthly) reason at all.

Want to post here too? Want to post your art based on his stories? Want to express yourself? Want to ignore this message? Want to tell me to go somewhere? Want to tell yourself where to go? Want to be told about yourself? Want to tell me about myself? Want to help? Want burgers for lunch? Want to go jump off a cliff? Want to argue? Want to plant a garden? Want to fix your plumbing? Want to please your lover? Want to please yourself? Want him to write about something?

Want to ask the next question?

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