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The Trick Of The Tech: A Trip On The Trek

As I look yonder, what do I see? A cleansing, you call catastrophe. Over the hills and through trees… Bellows the will of a fluting breeze. Converge all meanings, defining these. Through the wood; into the leaves. The proof of truth; in and of eventualities. As I walk, in the shadow of breadth. I hearContinue reading “The Trick Of The Tech: A Trip On The Trek”

Crusading Around The Cage

Where was I!? I thought it funny; to put the “I” next to the “!”… of course, it’s not anymore, I’ve already finished that line… Wait… Nevermind… You’ve already past that line too, I suppose- by now, in the least; you have managed to read thus far… past the part where I wrote “I!”. IContinue reading “Crusading Around The Cage”

Tilt In Entitlement

Sure, humies…the “world” is yours… It’s not just the one kind or however you like to separate everything you think you own and understand. It’s all of you- most of you. At least until you found out you had to share….or not… I see you. I hear you. I smell you. I learn from you.Continue reading “Tilt In Entitlement”

Hypothetical Afterlife #42

Saint Peter: Tell me something about your life, my dear. Young Girl Of Your Imagination:  I don’t want to die… I want to be able to live. Peter: You may go through these pearly gates; your life has just begun. Young Girl: …Thank you…I’m scared… Peter: Tell me something about your time on Earth. MiddleContinue reading “Hypothetical Afterlife #42”

Mortal Briefcase

AHHHHHH! Let us see here…here…here. AH HA! There it is! I have been looking for my overall concern for human well being everywhere! It seems I have found it in a most typical place; is that not the case, when faced with something lost or misplaced!? It is the case! The briefcase? Here, in theContinue reading “Mortal Briefcase”

An Intelligent Conversation With A Monster In Your Making

Kill me before you quote me, oh humanity! Will me to garrote me before you would devote me; so, unsanity! Help thee to hopefully see the truth in tasty trophies with the face of all our knowing! Still me in the buildings, oh forsaken shillings! Steal me and then heal me in the blows ofContinue reading “An Intelligent Conversation With A Monster In Your Making”

The Tower Of Produce

Stroke thy crystal tower from the stair. Each foot, lightly tipping your weight upon the higher plane of the next; so will thine curtain of protection against thyself. Give thanks to thyself in every motion towards thine gaping hell and squinting heaven. Look, yonder! To thy shores of doubt; how they lay dark and peacefulContinue reading “The Tower Of Produce”

Circle Peg Through A Spiral Hole

I have never been one to simply be satisfied with arranging the blocks in order. Why go for the obvious things that you know will work? Maybe there is more to everything than anything in particular. The logic is useful when you feel the need to rely upon predictable outcomes in some form of seriousnessContinue reading “Circle Peg Through A Spiral Hole”

How To Do Anything In One Sentence

Velcome Vo Volume Vleven Vf Vartvist’s Vnvanity. To commemorate this occurrence in reality; I shall commit this first chapter to teaching you about everything in creation, all at once. At once… This is Fartfist’s How To Do Anything In One Sentence!                 We will start by establishing a “common”. . .The overall guiding line, soContinue reading “How To Do Anything In One Sentence”

Contrast And Humans- Of Comparison In Conjecture

It’s all you know. It’s the only thing keeping you or anyone you know alive. Contrast is the simplest and most profound concept a human will ever exercise, comprehend or utilize; daily, in most every waking moment. Everything in your lives depends on comparison more than anything else. You are doing it now… …I seeContinue reading “Contrast And Humans- Of Comparison In Conjecture”

Humor And Humans: Of Crass Copes In Last Hopes

In honor of how funny you humies think everything is and the ones who laugh at nothing: Welcome To Fartfist’s Jokes On Humanity! Why did the human cross the road? You never asked why the fucker built it…it’s their road; they can cross it if they want. That human is so thick; you would needContinue reading “Humor And Humans: Of Crass Copes In Last Hopes”

Satisfaction And Humans: Of Folly In Fulfillment

That would be the day! Indeed. What an occasion it would be if a human could be sated.  I do see you; more than eyes can see that a human being or any wild animal as such, cannot be satisfied sooner. Cannot, certainly never could in this scenario, it would seem. You humies go. AfterContinue reading “Satisfaction And Humans: Of Folly In Fulfillment”

Games And Humans: Of Violence In Play

You want to do what you are built for. That is what makes a human’s life, a productive and successful one. You want to love each other. You want to kill each other. The surprise to most; eventually you will NEED to do both. Sounds about as concise as one could get to summarize aContinue reading “Games And Humans: Of Violence In Play”

Architecture And Humans: Of Beings In Buildings

What once was an epic accomplishment is an eventual thumb tacked garnishment. The hands of humans can shake in tents. The transaction must go on. There will be monument after monument in the honor and disgrace of every era. This has made many a being on the inside; drove out. To an inside outsider likeContinue reading “Architecture And Humans: Of Beings In Buildings”

Stories And Humans: Of Days In One

One day. Just one day is all you needed to know; that day when things happened. What day would suit you better? Just one day at a time, that is all you are slated; not with any revocations being impossible, mid-day, just at the start or right before the curtain draws. One day, a humanContinue reading “Stories And Humans: Of Days In One”