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Honorable Edit: The Truth You Trust

Edit this last. Re-write my sentences. When you write my epitaph; you can get the last laugh. Right past your businesses… I hope that lasts; as the last to laugh is the dumb ass in these instances. You can laugh and have a blast first. If you didn’t do so; one, you’re too slow orContinue reading “Honorable Edit: The Truth You Trust”

Mortal Briefcase

AHHHHHH! Let us see here…here…here. AH HA! There it is! I have been looking for my overall concern for human well being everywhere! It seems I have found it in a most typical place; is that not the case, when faced with something lost or misplaced!? It is the case! The briefcase? Here, in theContinue reading “Mortal Briefcase”

Homo Ignoramus

Ignoramus. This word is actually accepted by English dictionaries as an insult! I find this very intriguing!!! What a perfect word for a species that would use AND retain definition of a derogatory term. One would think that if you found such terms generally unacceptable, why would you continue to teach it? The “one” inContinue reading “Homo Ignoramus”

The Food Dealer

…ration your education and save space for the time that you’re wasting… …trading… …smells like intestines….oh that’s just the casing…. OH! I didn’t see you there! You hungry, dear? I’m so full…I feel weird… Oooooooo! I have an idea! Let’s go get some shit to eat around here! Since you’re here… Let’s visit our localContinue reading “The Food Dealer”

A Period Piece

Peel back the curtains to reveal the landscapes in my mind. Just one peek; not a soul to speak. One peak, surrounded by the twisting stair of sticks; the pine straw pricks. Forage the forest; aplenty. With your mind; gaze across your pantry of gallantry into the thicket of wicked. Pull the gnarly branches back;Continue reading “A Period Piece”

For Tats And Tits

I will introduce you one at a time. Then I will introduce them both, directly in line trajectory of once! AT it! Just so you know who you are sharing this moment with. For now, I will give you to them. One Tit; a well loved, respected and heartily dim witted, passionate and unaccountable character!Continue reading “For Tats And Tits”

Circle Peg Through A Spiral Hole

I have never been one to simply be satisfied with arranging the blocks in order. Why go for the obvious things that you know will work? Maybe there is more to everything than anything in particular. The logic is useful when you feel the need to rely upon predictable outcomes in some form of seriousnessContinue reading “Circle Peg Through A Spiral Hole”

Contrast And Humans- Of Comparison In Conjecture

It’s all you know. It’s the only thing keeping you or anyone you know alive. Contrast is the simplest and most profound concept a human will ever exercise, comprehend or utilize; daily, in most every waking moment. Everything in your lives depends on comparison more than anything else. You are doing it now… …I seeContinue reading “Contrast And Humans- Of Comparison In Conjecture”

Adaptation And Humans: Of Absolute In Action

The ability to adapt is one of my personal favorite star capabilities of a human being. This requires a physical and mental contribution. There are places to fit and heights to overcome. There are places you shit and places to cum. There really isn’t a place you won’t find home. I am particularly fond ofContinue reading “Adaptation And Humans: Of Absolute In Action”

Embarrassment And Humans: Of Shame In Shame

You lie at the mercy of another human conjuration of the imagination. Human illusions are an apparent requirement of humanity. Embarrassment is a trick of the “civil” human. It is entirely fake on Earth; found only in human taught behavior. You need to be taught embarrassment; humility. Without humility, you would be barbaric.  In myContinue reading “Embarrassment And Humans: Of Shame In Shame”

Satisfaction And Humans: Of Folly In Fulfillment

That would be the day! Indeed. What an occasion it would be if a human could be sated.  I do see you; more than eyes can see that a human being or any wild animal as such, cannot be satisfied sooner. Cannot, certainly never could in this scenario, it would seem. You humies go. AfterContinue reading “Satisfaction And Humans: Of Folly In Fulfillment”

Escape And Humans: Of Holes In Trees

“Wait for me behind the old oak tree” “Wait for you by the old oak tree” “Do you know the old oak tree?” “Do I know the old oak tree?” “Can you see the old oak tree?” “I think I see, the old oak tree” “We can be that old oak tree” “I could seeContinue reading “Escape And Humans: Of Holes In Trees”

Ore And Humans: Of Courses In Mines

Of course You could read until your eye’s sore For sure, I’ve written it before Couldn’t hang on the surface; so dig for more You found out That’s what that’s about What you had to do to get you some clout Dig deeper for doubt in each era Find sand, then under nature; a wholeContinue reading “Ore And Humans: Of Courses In Mines”

Trust And Humans: Of True In Truth

Trust is a real thing, outside of humanity. You didn’t make this one up, like time or perfection. No, this is an almost physical object to some; not just you. The most bewildering fact about trust; is that it means something to everyone, even if that is nothing. You cannot teach trust. You cannot earnContinue reading “Trust And Humans: Of True In Truth”

Normal And Humans: Of Disorder In Order

This sentence, on it’s own purpose, with it’s existential intention; hereby marks the end of disorder. All by it’s self. One sentence to thwart the thalward! Yes; Is the stove too hot? Are your eggs cold? Am I making you upset? Am I making you… Making… you? Did I make you anything? Did youContinue reading “Normal And Humans: Of Disorder In Order”