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Question Everything

What is everything? How is everything? When is everything? Where is everything? Who has/is everything? Why have/is everything!? Who knows everything? What knows everything? When do you know everything? Where would you learn everything? How do you know everything? Why would you need to know everything? When does everything happen? Where is everything happening? WhoContinue reading “Question Everything”

The Question Of War

Why do I have to have you? What do I need from you that I cannot acquire on my own? What is “own”? Is everything yours? Why do I feel like it always ends badly? Why is own, the reason for war? Why do I need to fight in your war? Why do you wantContinue reading “The Question Of War”

Questions And Humans: In Questing Of Reflections

What is human?Why is my answer different?What is a creature?What makes an animal?What is a human, without pride of itself?When is a human, not?What is not humanity, in a world only seen through human eyes? What is a beast? Who can have knowledge?Do you know things?How is knowledge the line between human and animal?What doContinue reading “Questions And Humans: In Questing Of Reflections”

Questionable Stromboli

Is this technically Stromboli!? Would it matter, one way or the other if it is or is not? Have you ever made Stromboli? Do you have “pizza dough”? Did you make it yourself or buy it from a store? Did you dust flour on a large, solid, flat surface? Did you roll it out flat,Continue reading “Questionable Stromboli”

Universal Questions

Where is it? What is it, exactly? What does it matter? Is it matter? Would one know if it were to be found? Why does it need finding? Does it? Do what? What to do? What does it do to you? What do you do for it? Who are you, exactly? What is the contribution?Continue reading “Universal Questions”

The Human

How is the view from the pot that you piss in; is it not the same one that you stew in? What about the clocks you put your faith in or the wasteful space you consume in? How would it taste if that place was ruined? What if you were sailing in the ocean andContinue reading “The Human”

So Many More Questions

How much of this world have I forgotten? How much do I know that I have yet to forget? How much have I forgotten that you have yet to learn? What about what you know? What is going to replace abandoned truths? What versions of the truth are there to be learned and forgotten? WhoContinue reading “So Many More Questions”

Many More Questions

You ready to ask some more questions? What is the difference between alone and together? Why is the general idea of social interaction a positive thing? Who decided that people should pair up? What was the factor that led to opposite genders? Why is it a socially hushed topic? Why are real meanings hidden inContinue reading “Many More Questions”

Still More Questions

Are answers right? Or do we just become satisfied temporarily? Are the things I was taught as a child wrong? Will the answers always change like this? Is that why we keep asking questions? What is worse? Living in generations of accepted wrong answers? Or trusting that humans get to decide what “right and wrong”Continue reading “Still More Questions”

More Questions

Why more questions? What is a question? What would happen if we stop asking questions? Do I really have to answer that question? Where are all the answers? Where do they fit in? Why do some farts smell “better” than others? Are your farts representatives of your health? Why do people escape farting? Why isContinue reading “More Questions”