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…Mummafist, The

….it… …it’s the missing Fist! The Mummafist! The Baby Fist! It must have gone back to Mussopo!!! (Pronounced: Mu – Sop) The “O” has been silenced and it’s apparent, this Fist is on another planet. Maybe, one day! Just maybe….you may know this Fist. The last of the Fists Four! The Final Fist. J’adore! …just,Continue reading “…Mummafist, The”

Spelling Smells And Smelling Spells

I’ll spell how my spell is spelt. Sometimes I did spell the spell and no one could tell. Sometimes a dispel spell; spelled but not spelt. A magic smell. I know that I can spell it; all I want to do is smell it. Open up another eyelid; from one sense to another. Perception spell.Continue reading “Spelling Smells And Smelling Spells”

The Trick Of The Tech: A Trip On The Trek

As I look yonder, what do I see? A cleansing, you call catastrophe. Over the hills and through trees… Bellows the will of a fluting breeze. Converge all meanings, defining these. Through the wood; into the leaves. The proof of truth; in and of eventualities. As I walk, in the shadow of breadth. I hearContinue reading “The Trick Of The Tech: A Trip On The Trek”

Crusading Around The Cage

Where was I!? I thought it funny; to put the “I” next to the “!”… of course, it’s not anymore, I’ve already finished that line… Wait… Nevermind… You’ve already past that line too, I suppose- by now, in the least; you have managed to read thus far… past the part where I wrote “I!”. IContinue reading “Crusading Around The Cage”

The Grand Snaggletruth’s Diary Of Curious Entertainment: The Legendary Iz

I’ll get right to it. No one could ever catch the Banditoo. By my TOOTH! Until we did… The Band Of Grand And Curious Entertainers!!! Voyagers! The wife and I were explorers, before…you; we would never have found it without each other and all the same, we would never have found it… had we notContinue reading “The Grand Snaggletruth’s Diary Of Curious Entertainment: The Legendary Iz”

Hypothetical Afterlife #0

You lived- how ever that you did, but you did. Once lived- all that you could will be what you did. After lived- all that you’ve done is never; forever what you did. You died- how ever that you did, but you did. Once died- all that you could will be what you did. AfterContinue reading “Hypothetical Afterlife #0”

Tilt In Entitlement

Sure, humies…the “world” is yours… It’s not just the one kind or however you like to separate everything you think you own and understand. It’s all of you- most of you. At least until you found out you had to share….or not… I see you. I hear you. I smell you. I learn from you.Continue reading “Tilt In Entitlement”

Problematic Procreation

One person has two problems Two problems have three solutions Three solutions make four problems Four problems find five people Five people have six dollars Six dollars pays seven people Seven people pay eight dollars Eight dollars buys nine things Nine things feed ten people Ten people find eleven plants Eleven plants feed twelve peopleContinue reading “Problematic Procreation”

Hebetate For Humanity

Way back up in the front there’s an is that never was Way down in the highest mud there’s the cleanest dirt and the driest blood Go shortly past the longest jump and there shall be the flattest lump Never know and never mind; the clever show the dumbest kind Sow deep along the shallowContinue reading “Hebetate For Humanity”

One Eyed Pirate And The Satisfaction Seas

What an unexciting tale! There be not a yarn for ye… A satisfied mind is a powerful thing. It is a killer of the self and the secret to ultimate happiness. ARRG! What a stunning reality! No deeper than a puddle in your driveway. Wherever your mind is willing to draw lines; there will beContinue reading “One Eyed Pirate And The Satisfaction Seas”

Smell More Shit

I am guessing it is mostly for the feeling. For the feelings- of human beings. No one knows. No one truly knows what is a “keeper”? To you; to me…individually and separately. Define it! There is no such a thing, as “good and bad”… I see garbage everywhere. It’s not always what you see. YouContinue reading “Smell More Shit”

Mortal Briefcase

AHHHHHH! Let us see here…here…here. AH HA! There it is! I have been looking for my overall concern for human well being everywhere! It seems I have found it in a most typical place; is that not the case, when faced with something lost or misplaced!? It is the case! The briefcase? Here, in theContinue reading “Mortal Briefcase”

Homo Ignoramus

Ignoramus. This word is actually accepted by English dictionaries as an insult! I find this very intriguing!!! What a perfect word for a species that would use AND retain definition of a derogatory term. One would think that if you found such terms generally unacceptable, why would you continue to teach it? The “one” inContinue reading “Homo Ignoramus”

What WE Do

Positive affirmations born of negative inclinations. That’s what you do. Negative salutations to positive occasions. That’s what you do. Positive vibes from negative lives. That’s what you do. Making waste of mistakes. That’s what you do. Tanking everyone else and never thanking yourself. That’s what you do. Finding yourself in everyone else. That’s what youContinue reading “What WE Do”

True Fist Of Legend

The toilets are backed up. The lights are on fire. The air conditioning is blowing hot air. The furnace is blowing cold air. The water isn’t getting hot. The front door won’t lock. The windows are broken. The mailbox is stuck closed. The stove is not working. The heavy things need lifting. The neighbor isContinue reading “True Fist Of Legend”