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Get It In There

Put the meat in the basket and you will find fruit. Put the fruit in the basket and you will find meat missing. One innertube and one intertube is the tubular three. Two innertubes and no intertube is a bicycle. Two intertubes and a missing innertube is a test tube rack. Two trees shall neverContinue reading “Get It In There”

Fluke Loops

They said I ate a bowl of cereal too. That’s not all either. The slightly over the top woman came in fuming, claiming someone stole some things from her. She made a firm, direct accusation. It was one that involved a maintenance worker; a specific one, who had apparently stolen some money, then proceeded toContinue reading “Fluke Loops”


Trash. Junk. Refuse. The mountains of garbage. The multiplying mound of discarded resources. You all do it, I do it. We all do it; at least the ones who act like humans the best are “wasters”. You are either piling it or hiding it; whatever you’re doing, you threw something unwanted away. It is usuallyContinue reading “Wasteworld”

Imagine Me

Dive back in like a pig. It’s always imagination time. Imagine Ulria Fig; He’s just a twig, of a man; Planned, with a rig in hand; Sand to be a big fisherman. Imagine Doris LaMonde; Florist’s daughter of wedding bond; Floors aren’t the place that she walked upon; With interest in water and fish inContinue reading “Imagine Me”