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Hebetate For Humanity

Way back up in the front there’s an is that never was Way down in the highest mud there’s the cleanest dirt and the driest blood Go shortly past the longest jump and there shall be the flattest lump Never know and never mind; the clever show the dumbest kind Sow deep along the shallowContinue reading “Hebetate For Humanity”

The Tower Of Produce

Stroke thy crystal tower from the stair. Each foot, lightly tipping your weight upon the higher plane of the next; so will thine curtain of protection against thyself. Give thanks to thyself in every motion towards thine gaping hell and squinting heaven. Look, yonder! To thy shores of doubt; how they lay dark and peacefulContinue reading “The Tower Of Produce”

Heights And Humans: Of Fear In Fallacy

I see you there, on the ladder… I love a good ladder. If a ladder is not used; it will never reach. The object sought, so high above you will always be safe from you. Once you climb to gather it, bother it or repair it; the object is exhausted. After extended use; the ladderContinue reading “Heights And Humans: Of Fear In Fallacy”

United Fakes Of Euphoria

UNITY! There’s a stripe for every sap…and a star for every bright chap… I only understand what I have deliberately observed with intention and I observe many things human; we don’t hold “burn your hand on the stove meetings” so I am aware there may be a unified lack of understanding when it pertains toContinue reading “United Fakes Of Euphoria”

Outside Looking Out

I come here from the outside. This is the window, here… Look closer… look far away. I come here to look outside; from the outside. This place I as good as any, I suppose; except that it isn’t. I loathe it here, passionately. I only come here because it is the place I found whereContinue reading “Outside Looking Out”

Prosperous World Of Envy

There once was a small boy who lived in a prosperous world. He was a prosperous boy. That boy was destined for greatness. His mind was sharp and his body was solid; his will was humble and his soul was pure. Or so he was told. One day, while counting the worms in his mudContinue reading “Prosperous World Of Envy”

Outnumbered By Extinction

The hand extends from a warm bodied, cold heart, and closed mind. It is among the living but it has long ago perished; killed at the cutting edge of a crisp dollar bill. The nothing flows from its idea of life, it has one goal and it is not your own; painted in colors youContinue reading “Outnumbered By Extinction”