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Chains Of Blame

Up until this point; the chain has only been as strong as it’s weakest link. That is the going philosophy, but words can be arranged so that any subject is gospel disputation. I do not intend to destroy the chain at it’s flaws or debunk a logical deduction of minor surface quality; no, I meanContinue reading “Chains Of Blame”

Ballad Of The Boxes

Children with a wig We can be closer together The world can be united When we come together; we have placed a barrier for another The world will be divided; when the baseline has been set We can all eat together We need not eat each other When we eat together; there is not enoughContinue reading “Ballad Of The Boxes”

Notorious Yelp Of Glorious Help

Lie in the middle of it. Good intentions with consequences are a vicious business. Cry and be brittle from it. Glory finds the one who lies; inside the tries for one’s allies. Unity! With much surprise, I realize. A bunch relies on something wise. Don’t unite with what you sympathize. Before the waves of why’s;Continue reading “Notorious Yelp Of Glorious Help”

Get It In There

Put the meat in the basket and you will find fruit. Put the fruit in the basket and you will find meat missing. One innertube and one intertube is the tubular three. Two innertubes and no intertube is a bicycle. Two intertubes and a missing innertube is a test tube rack. Two trees shall neverContinue reading “Get It In There”

Let’s Play: No Nose!

We are going to play Fartfist’s “No Nose” game! UNITY! In order for you to play we need to establish how’s and why’s and if’s. If you already know how to play and want to start now please do and have fun! Are you accustomed to relying upon smell in your life? The nose sureContinue reading “Let’s Play: No Nose!”

No’ing Half The Battle

I need to know something. That’s all just anything will do. I want to know it so bad and then un-know the crap out of it when I find something to know better. What was I…..oh, yes! I have a question and seek it’s fickle partner; the answer. So that I may use their backsContinue reading “No’ing Half The Battle”

United Fakes Of Euphoria

UNITY! There’s a stripe for every sap…and a star for every bright chap… I only understand what I have deliberately observed with intention and I observe many things human; we don’t hold “burn your hand on the stove meetings” so I am aware there may be a unified lack of understanding when it pertains toContinue reading “United Fakes Of Euphoria”