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Orc Roast

  • One large cut of fresh, formerly living flesh with cross-cut bone section for fresh marrow emulsion.
  • One large whole onion with field sprouts intact.
  • One field dressed, unpeeled turnip, sized proportionate to one’s fist.
  • One unpeeled potato, sized proportionate to one’s fist.
  • One whole, handsome shitake with stem intact or four whole infant brown mushrooms.
  • One single, young, naked stalk of celery with leaves intact.
  • One single ear of adult, formal dressed, silver corn or eight fetuses of newborn corn.
  • One large, field dressed, unpeeled carrot in it’s prime.
  • One minifist of milled wheat flour.
  • One finger sprig of rosemary.
  • One finger sprig of sage.
  • One fistful of iodized salt.
  • One slosh of mothered vinegar.
  • One metal roasting pan with lid.
  • One sharp knife, non serrated.
  • One stabbing instrument.
  • One food shovel.
  • Two massive cloves of garlic from an overgrown crown.
  • Two fists full of any milled rice.
  • Five bitty black peppercorns.
  • Five wimpy white peppercorns.

It seems a lot, but really not; it’s all for one belly and one roasting pot.

It seethes with a lot of the things a body’s already got to get hot.

The fuel to start and never stop.

The meat is what your body needs for durability.

The onion, celery and mushroom are what it will use to go through the shoot and not in your shoes.

Some of the others, you may discover will too; help the poot ooze.

Granted the corn and rice will be adorned and suffice; they offer other forms of sustenance, nice.

 There are “E’s” and “B’s” mixed in these; the carrot’s “A’s” will meet the meat’s.

There are “K’s” and “E’s” in celeries, probably; definitely in turnip greens and maybe some other mysteries.

One could even get their “D’s” and add some cheese, if one should please.

Fiber is all throughout; won’t be about to run out without doubt.

Mr. Rice is really nice, that one brings a boatload of nutritional clout.

On top of that, the cloves of garlic; comes with what drove the scarlet and stopped the cold snap and old hack, solid.

Immunity stays aplenty with rosemary and sage’s entry.

Plus there is the tongue to sate; enough for it to masturbate.

The vinegar? It keeps the boy into her; if you’re a girl it then it defends her from the burrs of those curs.

Then again, it all depends on if you enter the vinegar or spill the disintegrator on your shirt later when you swill it down the center, for the worst winter.  

What about that wind you feel on the bays you sail? Well, it’s all inside the potato peel!

The flour ties it all together, even brings a little extra flavor, fiber, more “B” vitamins and niacin.

If you wonder about the pepper, it is my favored neutralizer.

Spices are not all for disguising the things one’s despising and if you try them in moderation, they moderate the vitamins and make it slightly then, more efficient for one to digest them thin, to take in, at the sake and whim of one’s digestive system.

Also salt is not the tongue’s fault; it keeps what some got so it doesn’t get out.

It’s another neat invention by sweet mother earth’s unintentional, attention; it aids spine water retention and oh boy, not to mention the iodine would otherwise be poison.

Its addition to metabolism will establish rhythm; the same thing with the seasons, the reason you need them is not my decision nor my forebode opinion. It’s the part in the system for your hormones origin; without them you’d be no better than protoplasm of dissention.

It’s not all about pure desire; you may fall or tire and need iron or some “B’s” in your blood and salty sweat’s sure to perspire.

That’s why you don’t eat meat that’s boneless; it shows and lets one grow less and leaves you formless at the address with cabinets dressed with supplements and some stents of traditions in madness when your empty prescriptions leave you supple and hopeless in sadness.

You don’t need a diploma to learn the aroma of flora and fauna; I implore ya, it’s more drama if there’s a comma in your karma or you get melanoma and get caught alone in a coma.

I won’t tell you how to cook either; that can’t be learned in a book, neither.

You need to look deeper and make even with the good and the beat seasons.

Face it; hold, taste and smell it.

It’s basic, even if you waste it; remember it, for it is the lesson you place on the plate before your face will erase it.

These are important things one needs to know and sort the most, to make a great dose or get the most of a slow cooked, Orc Roast.

Make them cuss then sweat your diet by Fartfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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