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Get It In There

Put the meat in the basket and you will find fruit.

Put the fruit in the basket and you will find meat missing.

One innertube and one intertube is the tubular three.

Two innertubes and no intertube is a bicycle.

Two intertubes and a missing innertube is a test tube rack.

Two trees shall never make a forest without an open field.

Water and water cannot keep you alive.

Food and food will not sustain you.

Food and water will do the job, together.

A stick in a hollow log is nature.

A hollow log in a stick is transparent.

The pretty pear needs at least a pair.

Butter churned from fat will burn from this and that but, you will always miss if you try to milk or kiss a bat.

The worm inside the can is content.

Once the can is open, worms shall be everywhere.

A snake inside the hole will not strike.

A hole inside the snake threatens life itself.

What falls into the pit should fit inside of it.

What is fit to fall will always find a pit.

A pit will only fall when a perfect fit should crawl in it.

If a pit shall not fall, all will sprawl in it.

Thy rod and thy staff, they make one laugh.

Always last to take the bath.

The shortest grass won’t sod the Earth; why, just do the math.

The open heart will break the least twigs.

The closed heart will make the most of them.

The heart with hinges is made from them.

The porous sponge will drink the most water.

The solid rock will move the water.

A dog digs a hole to lay in it.

A rodent digs a hole to hide in it.

A human digs a hole to die in it; and be reborn.

Two clubs will fight until they both bust.

But a club with a grand opening has potential to be successful.

Two open fields will always have a rock between them; if not mountains.

Two sheaths will rarely best the enemy’s sword.

Two swords will always cut.

But a sword and sheath can fight, then know peace.

The ring will not always fit the digit.

The digit will not always fit the ring.

Rings are only fit for digits.

Two cups alone will always be empty and thirsty.

When two rivers meet; they long for the ocean to capture them.

The river will flow endlessly until it is captured by the open.

A cup with water shall hold life itself.

One goes in and comes out, free.

One goes in and one comes in, wee!

The answer is three or more, you see?

A bucket inside a well does well but, does not guarantee water.

A well inside a bucket is brimming but, shallow.

A well without a bucket may flood with impotent water or dry up completely.

You must put a hole in your bagel, or it will never be cooked and eaten properly.

You may want to proof some types of bread but none of them will cook properly without placing them in the oven.

Good bread rises in the oven.

The cloud that rises shall never fall.

Should they collide, the water fall.

Should they divide, it won’t at all.

For all water that fall, glide out and slide inside; perpetual.

When the sun rises; the sky opens to embrace it and give birth to the day.

The moon shall appear to steal the light of the sun; they shall be together.



A penis and a vagina are two half to a whole.

Love is an emotion; part of a much more complex whole.

No matter the organ; unity requires both love and the whole of emotion in unison.

Have you studied Fartfist’s Wordrithmetic?

Vagina + Vagina = Rivers Of Blood

Penis + Penis = Rivers Of Semen

Penis + Vagina = Humans

Humans + Unity = Humanity

Sanity + Unity = Unsanity

The puzzle requires all pieces to be complete.

Just shove it in where it’ll fit!

It looks like you’re making a few pieces.

Nice….one for all and all for unity, y’all!

I want to see it when it’s done.

*BOOP!* Right on the nose!

….I *booped!* your nose…

Even if the puzzle is not missing any pieces; there can be something missing from the pieces…
By Fartfist

Published by Fartfist

I am personally a personal personality for a personable person using this persona.

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